My weird experience

So I'm a girl

It was happened when i was in 5th grade. I have an older sister 2 years older than me, sometimes i watched her dressed up for school, i was curious because she wear a bra (at that time i don't know what it is) so when she wasn't at home i sneaked into her room and picked one of her bra's, it has a Cinderella motive on the front side and it is very cute.

So i tried it and the size definitely too big for me, i liked it and planning to use it to school. But there's a problem, it is very easy to fell off, because there were no strap at the back side and the only thing that kept the bra stay is the piece of fabric that stays on both of my shoulders. But i don't mind it so much.

The next day when i was dressed up i put the bra under my school uniform, my school uniform at that time was white and my bra was actually visible but not by much. I went to school and i expected my friends to see what I'm wearing under my school uniform. But they didn't noticed. So there was a PE class at that day so every student had to change to PE uniform. So i change my uniform with some of my friend. When i was removing my school uniform my friend saw my bra and very curious about it. I told to her bla bla bla..
And i dressed up in my PE uniform.

So the PE class was a running exam, so i have to run from one point to another as fast as i can. So it's my turn and i start running, just a few moments after i started running, my bra was fell off, the piece of fabric that should've stayed on my shoulder fell off. It's not entirely fell off it's still on my arm, but it's very distracting, so i pulled my arm up a little bit so that piece of fabric completely fell off my arm. So my bra was fell off and luckily i had my PE uniform tucked in, so my bra was around my stomach. If i didn't tucked my uniform it's probably fell off completely to the ground.

After i finished running i went to the bathroom to fix my bra. Just about to close my bathroom stall, my friend, who is boy come to my stall. And he said that he knows what i wear and he was really interested. So we both enter the stall, he want to see how it looks when i was wearing it. So i took off my uniform and wear the bra's, he saw it and asked if he can wear it. I just said yes and gave the bra's to him. He looks cute wearing that bra, and it is more fit to him than me. So i told him that if he want to use it for the rest of day, just use it.

And i put my clothes back on and continue the PE class. Skipped to the end of the day, he forgot to gave the bra's to me but i don't mind it since he can bring it back the next day

Dec 31

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