This world is funny

I look at people who are supposed to be the brightest, top minds of the world and I see them for what they are. They are trapped in their thinking. They try to explain the way the world is but they can only function from their limited perspective, which is puny. I'm not boasting that I'm smarter than them, I'm not, but I do think outside of the box. I'm starting to realize that they're trapped in their thinking because they are trapped by their vices that keep them so bound to their bodies and this limited greedy society. If you are only trying to make more money, impress people have a very feeble mind.

Dec 29, 2017

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  • People are attracted to the leadership of those who seem to have solid and clear answers to questions about complex subjects. People who have closed their mind off to certain possibilities are the most capable of arguing from these attractive, singular viewpoints, because they are capable of ignoring things that might contradict their own frame of reference. The more you step back and allow yourself to see and feel the billions of interweaving plotlines that make up our world, a collective human experience that is complex beyond one person's wildest imaginings, the more you realize that the things you thought were black and white are shades of grey. But realizing this makes you unable to speak to people in an inspiring and accessible way, thereby destroying your ability to rally people to your cause.

    Our great leaders are not leaders in SPITE of their blindness, they are leaders BECAUSE of it. Only someone who is limited in their understanding of life is capable of seeing and describing it in absolute terms.

  • While I see your point of view, I don't agree. You can't get others to instantly see a relativistic position but someone can see the panorama of existence and play a part. They would be able to see it from any point of view and be able to express that and relate to any of those points of view. Leaders, with a large scope, would have to take stance that get the majority of people behind them and since many people want clear direction, they would have to simplify for them in a black and white stance. Those with a limited perspective are no worse than those who can see more, we are all valuable.

    Often though, when I see people describe shades of grey, I find a disturbing trend in those people as having a justification for shady behavior. When people keep pushing boundaries of black and white, they sometimes end up just being a typical a******, ripping people off, becoming a womanizer or wind up getting off rolling around in s***. They start down that slippery slope, thinking they are listening to their higher 'mind' when in fact they are simply justify their destructive desires. They are tricked by inner desires telling them it's all relative, there is no black and white, no good or bad, when really they are denying that because it's for selfish desire at the expense of others. I've seen great potential go to waste and when I see that in someone, I am gone.

  • By deciding that people who present the world in grey terms are only doing so to serve their own selfish agendas, you have illustrated my initial point.

    You are right that some people use the ambiguity of morality to hide their selfishness, but to lump all such people together and categorically refuse to interact with them, puts you in a position where you are throwing away relationships that could have become quite fruitful, and all for an axiom you invented.

    There do exist people who see the world and express their viewpoints in shades of grey who are not doing so to permit themselves or others to act immorally.

    Furthermore, a leader who does see the panorama of possible viewpoints and chooses to isolate and embody one viewpoint to achieve something politically is still deceiving the public to achieve his or her aims. While you may consider the deception to be justified because it is seemingly not selfish, even the most unselfish acts can have selfish motives. Some people enjoy public servitude because it allows them to feel morally superior to others, some people use it to justify their own existence because they struggle with feeling worthless and small.

    Even if you assume pure motive, that doesn't change the fact that ONE PERSON is attempting to assert their will over a large group of other individual and autonomous persons - which is wrong because people do not have uniform standards for what ideal life is. One man's utopia is another's dystopia. So no matter what set of beliefs you're pitching, they are going to bring harm to someone.

  • Why am I having the feeling you're somewhat feeling insecure?

  • Feeling somewhat insecure? Not in the least actually. That's coming from within you, not me.

  • Good retort :)

  • Just the truth, it's not a matter of impressing anyone with a retort.

  • It's about time we had - more independent, non-conformist and realistic people on this website like yourself :) We're likeminded. Good for you my fellow earthling lol x

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