Squidward Fetish

I am a 39 year old man. Ever since I was young, I found that the Spongebob characters had some sort of sexual interaction from time to time to add a little adult joke or innuendo to appeal to a somewhat older audience, especially Squidward and Spongebob. around that time, I knew what homosexuality was, and Squidwards interactions with Spongebob dinged all the bells for me to think that they are gay lovers. From then to now, I have always thought of Squidward as a s** God. A true symbol of masculinity and eroticism. I've always wanted to see whats under those tentacles. Please tell me there are people out there who feel the same way!

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  • Really if you are not troll I swear that's exactly what I felt when I was 13 years old I thought he was very sexual and I fell in love with him . I wanted to have s** with him . I always wondered if there was anyone who felt this way but everyone laugh at me but now I find you . If this is true you find one person that understand you , me !

  • I'm not troll. Hello my Squidward loving bro!

  • Wow ! nice to meet you then ! i wish i knew for existence especially when i was 13 years old , i felt alone and i was wondering why other people couldn't see his beauty .
    You said you are 39 years old and a male , i am female and 23 years old .

  • For your existence*

  • I still love him he is my favourite ! i i have many many pictures of him on my facebook , i have him also profil picture .

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