Younger girl next door wants to spank me!!

I'm 19 (male) and home from college. My neighbor is a 15 year old girl who has been babysitting my stepbrother. Just before Christmas she said as she was leaving that he was being a brat and deserved a good spanking. I must have blushed or something because she stopped, looked at me and said I could probably use a dose of the paddle myself. It's been a week now and she's come by twice. Each time when I came and she left, she reminded me that I was overdue for that spanking she promised me.

I want her to. Is that wrong? I want to go over her lap and have her paddle me. I don't know why. I have to go back to school in two weeks. Should I let her?

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  • So I think went too far. My dad went into the office and my mom went to the grocery store yesterday. We had school over video conferencing now so there's a camera set up in the living room that I use to connect into class. I knew I'd have the house to myself for a few hours as my mom ran errands, so I invited Mark over. He got spanked over my lap for old times sake, bent over the sofa arm for a few with the belt. Then he went back over my lap for some hand spanks. What I didn't tell him is that I had started a video session with a few of the girls who had seen him spanked before, or that knew I spanked him.

    While he was getting the last few with my hand, one of my friends had unmuted and we heard giggling and laughter. He freaked out and asked who was watching. I won't tell him as I think not knowing is driving him crazy.

    He'll see this, of course, but for Gregg, Sharon, Lindsay and anyone else reading this, did I go too far? Mark and I are texting now and talking about it. -- Allison

  • This is Sharon. Maybe just be careful what you put online. This page is ok but you don't know who else might be watching. Meanwhile we didn't get any ginger root. Gregg was really sorry about that

  • I apologized to him this morning and told him it was just the same two friends from January. I'd never have put any of the video online. It got in his head though, wondering who had seen it. -- Allison

  • That's good no video or pictures online. When the weather warms a little more, I'm going to take Gregg out to the farm for his annual switching. My friend at work spanks her boyfriend (she suggested the one cheek correction). I'm thinking about inviting them. Might be interesting

  • Sharon's friends boy chickened out and we couldn't go to the country anyway. So we went out to a park with some long hiking trails. We went out I found us a good switch. When she approved she got me ready. I got 12 on bare cheeks really made me jump.

  • I just got off the phone with Mark after scolding him for not keeping this conversation updated. I'll be seeing him during his spring break and I'm not sure how yet, but he's going to have a lot of trouble sitting still on the plane on the way home.

    Mark had been mouthy at my little New Year's shindig, and he agreed to post the details here. I see that he didn't. One of the girls had asked him if his bottom hurt after the 10 belt whacks and he said "What do you think?". I made him apologize, of course. Rather than punish him again for that, I said he could tell you all about here. He hasn't, so when I see him, it will be one extra whack with the belt for each day. We'll call it an even 36. Since he insulted my friend she's going to get the honors. And Mark, if you don't cooperate and do as your told, I'm giving you a second one myself. -- Allison

  • Mark are you trying to get in trouble? What are you thinking? My math says you get 62 as of now, and if you get 2 spankings that will be a total of 124! Plus in front of witnesses. I'm a little weak in the knees just thinking about it. - Gregg

  • H*** no! Of course not. I just didn't know how I was going explain it so i put it off and then just didn't get around to it. Spring break is the week after next. I'll be headed home this coming Thursday. Allison and her friend will be waiting for me at her house that Friday after they get home from school. We agreed that 36 would be plenty but I could still get a second round from Allison after her friend is done. I'm certain that before the week is up there will be other reasons I'll end up over her lap.

  • A neighboring school district is closing their buildings because of the Coronavirus, so ours has cancelled classes today to meet on what to do here.

    Mark swore in his last post, so he's going over my knee first for that. My mom is heading out to work and my friend is coming over at about noon to "study". We'll have all day to torture Mark for his rudeness on New Year's. -- Allison

  • Gregg mentioned your posts from this weekend so I got on to read them. He thought the soap and the ginger were both kind of cute. Since he thought so and it was his post that got you in trouble he is to report to me this evening with some Ivory and ginger root. In addition I told him to pick up a bottle of the hottest Hot Sauce he could find. -Sharon

  • How did that work out? I asked Mark this morning how he was feeling after his rough day on Sunday. He said his bum burned for quite a while and he tasted soap most of the evening. His mom noticed he had trouble sitting comfortably. I had to laugh at that. -- Allison

  • By the way, you shouldn't have said "a**".

  • No, he shouldn't. Thank you for pointing that out -- Allison

  • Sorry - I meant "heck", not "h***".

  • I got to taste soap for the first time this last Friday. Allison was waiting for me with an unwrapped bar of Ivory soap. I had to hold it in my mouth while she took down my pants and marched me to the corner for saying "H***" in my previous post. Her parents were out all day so she and her friend took their time applying the belt. If I moved out of position they'd start the count over again. I was to receive 36 but it was more like 50. Mercifully they stopped (her friend was avery quick study!!) after I agreed to let Allison try something new this weekend.

    She told her parents she was too tired to go to church this morning, so she stayed home and called me over. She handed me a vegetable peeler and a piece of ginger root and had me carve a butt plug out of the ginger. I had to lay over her lap so she could inspect my bottom for bruises from Friday, ran her fingers over the remaining welts and inserted the ginger plug in my ass. It burned like fire! She gave me a reminder smack on each cheek and pulled my underpants back up. I had to keep the ginger inserted for 20 minutes while I helped her clean up the kitchen. I begged her to remove it and she agreed - but it got me a hand spanking over her lap.

    She's off school indefinitely as the district figures out what to do about the virus, so I think I'm in for a h*** of a week.

  • Our college suspended classes on campus through the end of the semester so I'm home now, and the high school did the same, so Allison is home too. Unfortunately, it's hard to go over someone's lap and maintain social distance - and besides, find a time when we have a house to ourselves.

    She texts me to ask me if I'm behaving myself and said that her friend at the other end of the belt last week wants to text me too.

  • As a result of all of this, Allison is now checking up on my grades by texting me regularly. She decided that anything less than an A deserves a paddling and that I'm going to get caught up by Thanksgiving on both any missed work - then when I'm home for Thanksgiving, for any deserved paddlings. I'm not sure how we'll get away from parents to do that, but she's already told me I'm going to get both the paddle over her lap and the belt. I'm both excited and petrified now when she texts me.

  • So Mark have you been behaving and making good grades? Or are you going to need to be "corrected" when you get home? Don't feel bad, Gregg is getting a good whipping this week by the belt and paddle. -Sharon

  • Gregg here. I got a pretty good punishment this week. Wednesday evening. When I got there she undid my pants, took my belt for later, and lowered pants and underwear to my ankles. I had to stand in the corner for about 20 minutes to think about it. For me waiting is the worst/best part. I sort of walked like a duck over to the chair for my paddling. Pretty sore. Both cheeks this time. Next more hobbling over to the table for the belt. Had to wait about 10 minutes bare behind up in the air. Got about 20 smacks with the belt.

  • Allison did get permission to stay home alone after my parents told her she was welcome to come and hang around our house - joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. My folks picked me up at the airport and told me that she was going to be at dinner. I already knew (via text from her) but I didn't let on that she and I texted.

    Once we were home, Allison came over right away. She thanked my parents for the invitation and asked if she could bring anything to dinner. She said that I could help her prepare something for dinner. "Mark can come over and help me roast something" she said. I blushed, I'm sure. My mom giggled and said it was okay - she could just bring herself.

    I spent Thanksgiving morning over at her house and we baked a pie anyway. While it was in the oven she had me over her lap and used her hand, hairbrush and a oven shovel. After the hand spanking she stopped and rested her hand on my then-pink bottom. She massaged gently and asked me if I was enjoying our game. She was and wanted to make sure that I was too.
    At dinner I had trouble sitting still. I fidgeted in my chair a lot. My father asked if I had ants in my pants. I said "just a little stiff", I guess. Allison murmured "you were" quietly to me, and then laughed. It was all super embarrassing.

    I got the belt bent over her sofa on Saturday. and went home Saturday night - still having trouble sitting still on the plane.

  • I’ve seen oven shovels, but I’ve never been under one. I bet they really sting. I got a good paddling over the weekend. Over the knee, you know the rest of the drill. So we want to know if you’ve been naughty or nice? If naughty are you ready to submit to your correction?

  • It's a pretty big paddle basically, kind of thin which I think makes it more stinging than 'thunky' if that makes sense.

    Does she try and get into your head like Allison does? Lecture, scold, that sort of thing? I think that's the part that she enjoys the most, although making my bottom a bright red makes her smile.

    I'd like to think I've been nice. The problem is that I don't want to behave *too* much. You know what I mean?

  • Not so much lecture and scold, but have my pants pulled down then wait a few minutes while she does something else, or just sits and chats. A few times I had to sit in the other room and wait with nothing on.
    I do know what you mean, I hope you get some good "correction" while you're on break.

    Lindsey, we haven't heard from you in a while, are you still with us?


  • Hi Gregg, and Mark, Sharon and Allison if she's following this. I just happened back and was enjoying catching up with you. What kinds of reasons do you girls have for spanking the boys, or is it just "time for spanking, get them down" fun? I think it's cute that Mark likes Allison telling him he was a naughty boy. Gregg, what does Sharon tell you to think about while you're standing in the corner? Sharon, what does you brother think about your disciplining his friend?

    -- Lindsay

  • I haven't said much here. I was initially shocked when Mark showed me this page. Flattered, but shocked. I had just been teasing Mark about spanking him and never expected that my joke would get into his head like that. I'm so glad it's worked out the way it did.

    Last night was New Year's Eve. My parents went out to a party and said I could invite a few friends over. I called three of my girlfriends, and then called Mark. Without telling him the other girls would be there, I invited him over to watch the ball drop with me. One condition was that I'd use the belt on his butt during the final countdown. He of course agreed. About 11 my friends starting arriving. Mark thought the spanking was off but I assured him it was still on. He was mortified. My friend Sue laughed and said "We came over to see the bright red globes light up the New Year." He did his best to behave until just before midnight but I know he was a little freaked out.

    At 11:45 or so, we cleared off the sofa and I had Mark take off his pants. One of the girls helped him bend over the back of the sofa so his bottom was high up in the air. She also got ready to hold his ankles and another girl took his hands to hold him in position. He was shaking. As the 10 second countdown started, I gave him one whack with the belt each second. He lay there, softly whimpering for a few minutes while the girls admired the welts. We let him up and helped him get his pants back on. When he complained it hurt, I offered to put him over my knee. That stopped the complaining. It was a pretty fun start to the new year.

  • What a great idea. I'll probably get punished for not thinking of that myself. I’ve been hoping to hear more from the girls that have the “upper hand” not just us boys that get teased and spanked.

  • Lindsey, here's an idea. Just for fun, if you'll make a suggestion about what kind of instrument I spank Gregg with, and a scenario we'll try to follow it. -Sharon

  • Good to hear from you, I'm glad you're keeping an eye on us. She mainly shows me what she’s going to spank me with, usually paddle or a hairbrush. We’ve used the belt and switch a couple of times. Sometimes she tugs on my ear or sticks her finger in my ear and teases me about what a whooping I’m going to get. During the spanking, sometimes she will tease by saying and then fake a couple of swats before I get the real one. When the real one comes, it’s harder than usual. Her brother, my friend, knows we're a bit of an item, but not about the spanking. She doesn’t usually have an excuse for spanking, no reason is the best reason. As you say, it’s time, get them down.

  • The tension of not knowing what's gong to happen next, or when. Nice. Allison doesn't usually make me wait much, since we are usually sneaking time and hoping not to get caught. I think she likes the scolding part and I have to admit I kind of like it too. She makes up random reasons of course, but in my mind I want to admit I committed some terrible offense and deserve the spanking.

  • Yes, Miss - I think both. My grades have been pretty good, but Allison wasn't happy about a B+ in one class going into finals. We're still not sure how we'll find time, but I can't imagine the long weekend going without a paddling.

    I hope to hear about Gregg's experience with the belt. I know my first time was h***.

  • Sounds like you're going to have an interesting Thanksgiving to say the least. In the meantime, Halloween is coming up. My assignment for today is to ask for suggestions as to what my costume for this year should be. I think I'm in for a paddling this weekend. We've never used the belt before, but I think we are going to try it.

  • I'm really nervous. Allison's family takes turns hosting Thanksgiving, and this year her cousin has volunteered. Her parents said they were going so it looks like she's going to tell them she has a paper due and would rather stay home and work on it. If that works, She'll have the house to herself for 4 or 5 days and I'll be home for most of that. We'll see if they let her stay home alone.

    It's funny, but she asked me about her costume for this year. She wondered if she'd be able to pull off a Dominatirix look, or maybe a schoolgirl with a holstered hairbrush? I told her that you had asked this question, and we joked about some couples costumes:

    Me as a pingpong ball (large white sphere) and her as a paddle
    Me as a wave of water and her as a canoe paddle
    Me as a school boy (shorts, knee socks, beanie) and her as a school marm

    I thought the first one was funny, but of those, I think the third is the most practical. I won't be home for Halloween so we won't be doing any of them.

  • Allison told me to report to her at 5 for a spanking yesterday. I said I would be at work until 4:30 and she just said to hurry so we'd have time to catch up with some missing belt licks from a few days ago. There were typos she didn't see in my posting.

    I got delayed and had to stay late. She texted me but I couldn't respond since I was in the middle of an important task. At 5 I packed up and hurried to her house as soon as I could get there. When I arrived at around 5:30 she had two friends over. I had met one of them before and another was one I didn't know. She introduced me and added to the new one "you know, that older boy". I knew then that they both knew Allison spanked me.

    "You're late, Mark", Allison, said, her hands on her hips as she looked at me. "I had hoped I could give you your licks in private." I was blushing furiously now, I'm sure. One of the girls fiddled nervously with her skirt and the other tried to hide a huge grin. I apologized and said it couldn't be helped and said I'd take double when she wasn't busy. She said she had time now and we could just get it over with.


  • She left the room to get the belt and I didn't know what do. Well, I did but I just couldn't bring myself to take down my pants and stand in the corner with her friends there. When she got back and I wasn't in the corner she was clearly upset. I pleaded with her and asked if I really had to bare myself in front her her friends. She said "of course not" and came over to unsnap and unzip my jeans. I pushed her hands away. She grabbed one behind my back, one friend grabbed the other, and the second girl at Allison's request unzipped them and pulled them down to my knees along with my underwear.

    "Since you were disrespectful, I'm going to let Sue (the one who stripped down my pants) give you a warm up over her lap." I didn't seem to have any control at this point. Sue pulled over Allison's "spanking chair" (she named it that since it's the perfect height and has no arms) and sat down. Allison joked that she can get a dish towel from the kitchen in case "Mark can't control himself" and the girls laughed. Sue said it was fine and the other two positioned me over Sue's lap. I was shaking and more embarrassed than I think I had ever been. Mercifully she was a light spanker apparently she had never spanked before). After a few embarrassing minutes over her lap and a lot of teasing from Allison and the other girl (Laura), she let me up. I didn't need to be told and went straight to the sofa arm and bent over for the belt.

  • I pleaded with her to not do this. She agreed to go easy if I'd write up what happened and post it. She let me off easy with a half dozen and they weren't her hardest. I had stay in that position and apologize to the girls for being late and interfering with their chat time. Allison pulled up my underwear, had me step out of my pants and stand in the corner while she put away the belt and put the chair back where it was. I'm pretty sure that Sue is going to be part of my spankings in the future. I don't think Laura was comfortable watching me get hit with the belt. - Mark

    [I had him write this up last night as homework and had the girls
    check it for accuracy and spelling before he was allowed to post it. -

  • •I wrote about this in a post below, but since you’ve been spanked in front of witnesses, I’ll spill more details. It was my first real spanking. My cousin and her neighbor friend stole some cigarettes from my aunt’s purse. They asked her brother and me if we would like to join them to smoke behind the garage. We foolishly said yes and they gave us the cigs, told us to go ahead and light up and they would be there in a few minutes. While we were doing that, they ratted us out to my aunt. So she caught us smoking, we stole the cigarettes, lied about it (not really, because the girls did and we were not lying about it). We were marched into the house. I didn’t really know how it was going to go. My cousin was sent for the paddle and he didn’t waste any time going to get it. She told him to get ready, which he did (you know what that means). She gave him a blistering spanking. Next she said it was my turn, same procedure. I must have put on quite a show, squirming and kicking, and I cried like a baby. That was the secret the girls didn’t keep, they told everybody. The whole thing went exactly as they planned.

  • It kind of sucks that witnesses can't keep it to themselves, but I understand. I'd probably want to tell someone too. Fortunately these girls are all younger enough that I don't bump into their social circles. As long as it doesn't get back to my parents that the neighbor girl is spanking me. Allison is pretty careful but I can't vouch for the other two.

    They (Allison and her friend Sue) are planning on spanking me again this coming weekend but I don't know what the ruse is.

  • Talking about it was part of their plan I think. It was ok though, we were actually in another state so as you say it didn’t get back to my social circle. Sounds like Sue will really be into it once she gets the hang of it. I’m scheduled for some correction this weekend myself. I think it will be the paddle ball paddle on just the one cheek. Lindsey, how did you like watching your cuz get switched?

  • I got a good whooping over the weekend. To build anticipation I had to flip a coin 20 times and keep track of the results. Heads was right, tails was left. Count was 8 heads, 12 tails. So left side got spanked, right side was left alone. That built up the anticipation. Of course jeans and underwear were lowered to my ankles and I had to face the wall for a few minutes. Left cheek got a real burner, spanked until it was just raw. Right cheek was fresh as a daisy.

  • Wow!, ouch! Sadly for me, I wasn't able to find a way over either Allison's or Sue's lap that weekend. I went back to school two weeks ago. Allison's been texting me regularly though, asking if Ive been behaving and then telling me I deserve a good paddling anyway.

  • I'm a woman in her late 20s and I have to say I'm enjoying this confession. I'm picturing the last things the two of you said: one draped over his friend's sister's lap getting whipped, and the other standing bare-assed in the corner waiting for a (16?) year old girl to whip him with a switch. I'm picturing her in a frilly dress coming over for a little good natured spanking fun, then making you stand your bare ass in the corner while she reads up on how to use one.

    I'm a few years older than both of you and I *know* how to use a switch. If it were possible I'd have both of you out in my barn, bent over saw horses with your girlfriends watching as I whipped you silly. Maybe we'd have to tie you down or gag you, but you'd stay put until I was sure they learned my techniques. Then each one of them would get to practice on your welted bottoms.

    A challenge to both of you: show this site to your girlfriends and have them comment to my comment.

  • I apologize Lindsay. This is Mark, the OP. Allison said I needed to tell you about a day I skipped work. I never did so I got two dozen with the switch a little while ago. She let me out of the corner to post here with the warning that if I made any typos I'd get one lick of the strap for each.

    A few weeks ago there was a task i didn't want to do at work so I called in sick. I couldn't stay home, so I went out to the movies. My mom tried to find mee and they told her at work that i was hom sick. That was obviously a lie. She started calling around to see if anyone knew where I was. Allison heard from her mom that I faked being sick. Allison called me and told me to get home before my mother got home from work. She (Allison) was waiting for me. She said she hoped i was feeling better and we should check. I had to take off my pants and take down my underwear and go over her lap. She lubed up a rectal thermometer and inserted it, placed her hand on my bottom and rubbed gently while we waited a good 5 minutes. "Don't get so excited, naughty boy" she said. "If you don't have a fever, I'll know you were faking and you're going to get a really red bottom." she laughed. Of course it was normal and she proceeded to spank me until she was satisfied with my blubbering apologies. I got extra spanks for rubbing my erection on her thighs which I couldn't help. I complained, but she said I'd get my belt on my ass if I didn't be quiet.

    I'm sorry Miss, for not telling you when I was supposed to. And it's nice to meet you Sharon. Allison had me read your postings to her out loud and ask her to try your one cheek spanking trick. I had to ask nicely and say please.

    [he's super embarrassed now! - Allison]

  • This is Sharon (I spank my brother's little buddy). I was at work talking to a couple of the other girls about giving spankings to boys. Picked up a couple of things I'm going to try. First is an unbalanced spanking. You randomly select one cheek or the other, then you spank it till it's raw and you leave the other cheek alone. One is bright red and the other not so much. One of the girls is from India, she said instead of spanking her brother he had to stand in the living room with nothing on and hold his ears for about an hour. She and her girl friend would go around and tease the boys when they knew they were in trouble. I asked her if she ever had to do that and she didn't want to talk about it.

  • Hi Sharon! I love seeing what you and Allison are doing. The unbalanced spanking is a wonderful idea!

  • Lindsay, we never did hear about your experience behind the switch.

  • True. After I told my cousin he’d have to let me switch him he was on pins and needles all week. I don’t think he thought I’d do it.

    He had chores that weekend and I told my parents I was going to help him out and keep him motivated. My mom laughed. I rode my bike down to their house and found him in the barn. I said I was there to help. I helped him moving hay bales, washing milk cans and other stuff for a while until I heard his parents’ truck leaving,. “Okay cuz, its time.” He looked at me as if he was going to cry and pleaded with me. I found one of his mom’s switches and practiced in the air with it. It sounded pretty scary. I changed mind and said I wasn’t going to switch him but he was already taking down his jeans and starting to bend over a hay bale. I think I was more scared than he was but I stepped up behind him, gave him one light swish, then 5 more a little harder. He jumped after the 3rd one but stayed in place. I think he expected more but I stopped at 6. I told him to get his pants on. He did (I could tell he had a huge erection) and reminded me I promised to keep his secret and not tell anyone.

  • Hi All this is Gregg, I’m the boy that gets spanked by Sharon. I can relate to how your cousin felt. I got whipped once by my aunt along with my cousin. (described elsewhere in this post) His sister and another girl got to watch, you talk about embarrassing. They didn’t keep our secret later either. How was it to watch? He probably did want you to do it, you said you changed your mind and he pulled his jeans down anyway. Did he lower his underwear, or did you do it for him? The one cheek trick is weird isn’t it? One side is on fire and the other side doesn’t know anything happened. What do you want to bet I get my temperature taken in the near future?

  • I'm a little out of breath. I like that even though you were going to let him off the hook, he went ahead and pulled down his pants. Also the way you took charge and told him "it's time". I don't have a switch here on hand, but I may have to send him out for one so we can have a little session here in the apartment. - Sharon

  • I was scared- maybe more than he was but I had watched his mom switch him before. I just imagined what she would do to make him cooperate. I think he wanted me to do it too, like these two guys do for you and Allison.

  • I'm the bossy girl that's given my brother's little buddy several well deserved spankings and one good switching. There are a lot of interesting posts here. I think that these guys are doing is kind of cute. They can trade ideas. I like the way the other girl takes charge of the situation. The first time they got together, they talked about school for a minute then she said it's time to get started, take your pants off. I stole your idea about having him stand facing the wall. He's facing the wall right now, pants around his ankles, undies around his knees. Is he nervous? He should be.

  • Since you did it, I will too.

  • He was brave to show you. What happened after you had him stand against the wall with his pants down? - Lindsay

  • After she sent the post, she took me by the ear and duck walked me over to the chair. First she spanked me with her hand till I was pretty red and sore, then she worked on me with the paddle for a while. I got a little break, had to leave my pants down though. Bent over a chair with my hands flat on the seat. She went for a wet wash cloth and dampened my behind. Felt good, but made it sting worse when she whooped me with the belt about 20 times

  • I showed Allison this link. I was really scared about what she'd think, but she read it a few times, laughed finally and said we'd talk about it later. I don't think I said anything here that she didn't know - but she seemed focused on the part (I watched her scroll) when I originally said that I wanted her to.

    I asked her if she was going to comment and and she just said we'd talk about it later.

  • I've only been over at her house twice since then. The first time she didn't say anything about this site. I was afraid to bring it up, but I did get spanked over her lap anyway.

    Her parents and mine are out this afternoon and I just got home from work. Allison texted me to come to her house when I got home. You'll have to ardon the typos, as its kind of hard to concentrate. I'm bent over the beck of their sofa with my laptop on the cushion. Allicon pulled y pants down and is using the switch I made on my bottom as I type. If I slow down, shw whips me,

    A few times she's stopped and looked over what I'm writing. She said if she diesn't like I'm going to get the belt too.

    [This is me - Allison: Mark's being a good boy so I'm going to let him up after he sends this. He still should have told me about the site sooner though.]

  • I can't stop laughing! She had you post here while she was using switch on you? That's awesome! She's very creative. - Lindsay

    I'm going to be laughing about this for days.

  • Hi Lindsay, this is Allison. Actually Mark is typing this for me. He's over my lap with the laptop on the sofa in front of him. I'm dictating and I smack him once every time he makes a typing or spelling mistake. He's a little too excited to pay attention and his butt is bright red. The paddle seems to improve his accuracy. He's anxious to tell you about the day he skipped work and faked being sick.

  • I'm the guy that gets whipped over the lap by my friend's sister. I'm really intrigued but your challenge, but I must say I'm a little nervous about doing it. Let me think about it for a couple of days. I'll probably do it. And I will probably get punished for it.

  • By the way, how is it you know about using the switch? I had to learn the hard way.

  • An aunt of mine used a switch on my cousin. I wasn't supposed to see it, but I watched from a distance. I told him later that I was watching, and that I'd keep his secret if he let me switch him too. - Lindsay

  • How did it go when you switched him? We've talked a lot about being on the receiving end, how is it to be the one in charge?

  • And how did you like watching?

  • Like I said in an earlier post, after a girl questioned me about a spanking I got, I would like to get a girl's perspective. Sadly we never heard from her again.

  • We went out to the woodshed last weekend. Her relatives have a 10 acre place out in the country, not a farm, but they have a couple of horses. They were out for the weekend, so we went to feed the animals. When we got there, she said she wanted complete obedience while we were there. Made my knees a little weak. After feeding and watering we went over to the shed. I waited there about 10 minutes, which I think was just for effect. She came back and undid my pants and pulled them down to my ankles. Next down came the underwear, same place. She tucked my shirt tail up so it wouldn't get in the way. I thought it was going to be one of those find your own switch deals, but there was already one inside on the shelf. She sat down on a lawn chair and chilled for a couple of minutes. Said they already had the switch and this wasn't the first time it was used. Not by her, but by her aunt on some of the cousins, only for major misbehavior. She got up and explained that she would hold my left wrist with her left hand and work the switch with her right hand. We limited the spanking to 20 swats and she wouldn't hit me as hard as she could....however, she wanted to make me jump around some, thus the "woodshed dance". The pants around the ankles are meant to hobble the spanked individual. She asked if I had any questions and was sure I wanted to go thru with it. I said no questions and yes I wanted to go ahead. Yes, she did make me dance. It really hurt and was very humiliating . I jumped with every swat and I had to count them out loud. We had about a 15 second pause between swats. I jumped and kicked with every one, when I was done I got back into position. Didn't think I would make it to 20, but I did. I don't know if we will do the switching again any time soon, but we will go back to the paddleball paddle.

  • A switch is legendary, of course, and I'd love to feel one someday. My spring break week wasn't nearly as worthy of reporting as your afternoon though.

    It's pretty obvious your buddy's sister has some experience here. So she knew the procedure from seeing or hearing about your cousins getting switched and then wanted to try it out on you? You said you may not get to try a switch again, but would you like to? I'll bet that now she's seen you do the dance to a switch, her paddle technique is going to take on a bit more zeal. A switch over her lap? My sources tell me that it hurts way more if she stands behind you and gets a good windup. Maybe you'll get to feel that some day. I'd like to.

  • I think she had heard stories from her cousins, I don't think she ever got to watch. Your sources are correct, have her stand beside you and hold on to your arm, that way you are hobbled and you can't jump too far. Over the lap would be ok too. You don't have to be outside. Just go out and find your own switch. Make sure before you start though that you agree on some limits. It may sting a lot more than the bare hand or the paddle. I kind of like over the knee with a combo of hand and paddle. Hand is more intimate and paddle gets the job done.

  • Even with her finding ways for us to be alone (and school is done for me in 2 weeks), while my heart wants her to try a switch on my bottom, my brain is afraid. Besides, I'm not sure how to bring that up. "Allison, would you please whip me with a switch?" I'm not sure words would come out of my mouth. If she doesn't think of it herself, do you have any suggestions? Maybe just cut a switch and hand to her? I'm kind of sweating a little just thinking about doing that.

  • Next time you have a scheduled "correction", take one with you. She will get the idea. The best is if she stands at your side and holds your left wrist with her left hand and swings with her right (assuming she's right handed). Be prepared, it REALLY hurts.

  • I'll be home the end of next week. She's using the school paper ploy again to stay home from a thing over that weekend so I can go over and 'help her with her paper'. She texts me just about every day asking me if I'm behaving myself. Do I ask her if she knows how to use a switch? I'm not sure she does. As scared as I'd be to bring one, it would be super awkward if she doesn't know what to do with it.

  • I've been thinking about it. Take one with you and hand it to her. Then put your hands on your head. She will take it from there. Let her get you ready (you know what I mean), then hold out your arm for her to take it.

  • I had a panic moment this morning. I went over next door to say hello to Allison and her folks. My parents are going out tonight so Allison is coming to my house to spank me - again, on the pretense of working on a paper. Her mom said "You two usually work here. You're going to switch it up tonight and work at Mark's house?" I froze when she said 'switch'. After my heart started again, I looked at Allison's face to see if she made the same connection I did. She just said that my living room is as good as theirs, to which her mom just nodded and walked off.

  • So how did it go? I know it hurts. Did she know what to do? How did she like it? How did you like it? Were you totally embarrassed? Would you do it again? Did you learn your lesson?

  • The lesson I guess is don't wish for things unless you're willing to accept them. That afternoon I read up on switches on the internet. I couldn't find a definitive description of how think one should be or how long, but I cut one a little thinner than my pinky about 3 foot long, and a slightly thicker one about 2 foot long from willow saplings in the backyard. I stashed them under the sofa in the living room and hyperventilated most of the afternoon. That evening when my parents went out, I got a text that I should leave the front door unlocked and wait for her in the corner of the living room with my pants off. I waited, and about 15 minutes later the door opened and I heard shoes clicking in the hallway. I dared not look away though. After a minute of silence she told me to turn around. She was carrying a canvas bag and wearing a shortish dress that really showed off her bare legs and I guess my excitement was obvious. She laughed and said I was a naughty boy. She pulled her dad's belt and a paddle out of her bag.

    I kind of blamed her mom's comment for the switch and said that her off the cuff comment got me thinking and well... I stopped and she told me to go on. I told her I had cut two switches from the backyard. She paused and said she didn't know how to use one. I had to go back and stand in the corner while she read on the internet for a few minutes.

    After a warmup over her lap she picked up the short one and tried it out over my underwear. That hurt but not as much as I thought it might. She made me raise my hips up, slid my underwear down and tried it a half dozen times on my bared bottom. That stung quite a but more. I yelped once or twice an she stopped. We stopped and talk for a few minutes, she slowly stroking my bottom and me poking her in the thigh. She asked how long I had been planning to ask her about the switch and I lied - saying I just thought of it that morning when her mother said "switch". I'm not sure she believed me.

  • Then I bent over the back of the sofa, she stood to my left and tapped my bottom with the longer switch. After a few light swings she tried one as hard as she could. I jumped and grabbed my bottom. She told me to get back into position and then gave me 6 more. I had to stay in position or else she'd start over. It was really hard to stay still. You're right - it hurts like h***. It left a neat row of little red welts that took until Monday to fade and it stung all weekend. She was over this afternoon helping my mother with something and teased me quietly when no one could hear.

    I'm glad to have tried it but kind of not glad. Do you know what I mean? We're going to have one more evening later this week with the paper excuse and then we'll need to come up with something else.

  • Another spring break, and my plane came in mid morning. My parents were busy, so they asked Allison's parents to stop by the airport and pick me up. She's got spring recess at her school this week too. When her mom left us at the curb with my stuff, she told me I'd have a little trouble sitting this week.

  • I'm a young guy about your age. A friend of mine has a sister that's pretty bossy, I'd like to get her go give me a good spanking, like what you're getting. So did you drop any hints or put off a certain vibe? Any advice?

  • I actually didn't do anything that I'm aware of. She and I have talked quite a bit now and she's just bossy and a little kinky. Her brother bosses her around and she wanted to turn the tables on a boy. So she picked me. I'm headed home after the fall semester - tomorrow actually. She's already told me when to report to her, and told her parents that I'd be coming over to help her with a paper that's due next week. She finished it but they don't know. I don't know if I should expect the belt again, the paddle or something else but I hope it's over her lap.

    Advice? Be polite and somewhat apologetic if you sense any bossiness or playful threats from a female friend. Make it playful like she's probably being with you. I didn't start this, but I'm pretty sure that my "yes miss" stuff with her went a long way to let her know I'd be up for the play.

  • My birthday is coming up in about 3 weeks. I've started dropping the hint with stuff like "what are you getting me for my birthday". Answer is "nothing". Next time I'm going to throw in something like "in that case how about at least a birthday spanking?"

  • That's definitely going to give you a good idea if she's interested. Try to pick up on cues to see what might bring out any bossiness in her - maybe a little playful pout when she says "nothing". Be appreciative of anything she does in that direction. If you get light play smacks, thank her for them. It may be possible to keep the momentum going. Best of luck and write back please?

    I got one paddling over her lap the afternoon after I got home from break. She and her parents went away for the week to visit family. She sent a text on Christmas morning saying that she got an email from Santa that I had been naughty and he asked her to take care of that when she got home.

  • And did she?

  • Yes. I described it below. She met me at the door in an elf costume and smacked me good with a good-sized paddle.

  • It's on the table. I asked about what she's getting me for my birthday, again "nothing". I said what about a birthday spanking then. She said be careful what you wish for (smirking). I said oh, I'm careful. She said you probably couldn't handle it, I said I could. She said we'll see about that.

  • That sounds promising. So you have about two weeks? If you play just a bit sub, does she act bossier? If you have a chance to drop a "you're the boss" or "yes Miss", do you think she might get into the spirit? Her saying "we'll see about that" is fabulous if it's not just talk. I guess you'll see in a few weeks. Subtly reminding her as you come up on the day could help make sure it happens too.

  • Ok, we're on for this weekend. Now that it looks like it's going to happen, I'm a little nervous about it. No backing out now though.

  • It finally happened. When I showed up at her apartment and she answered the door, she said "I'm surprised to see you, I thought you were joking". My mouth dropped open and I thought I was going to die. She laughed and said "Get in here". She said 22 spanks for my birthday weren't going to be enough so how about if I give you 22 with my hand and you count, then I'll take my paddle and go as long as I want. I agreed. She said she had read those 3 books (don't know if I can say the name, but it's where the rich guy spanks the college girl). Said she had been wanting to turn the tables gender wise. She had me fetch a chair from the kitchen and bring it to the living room, sat down and had me stand on her right side. She undid my pants then pulled them down to my ankles, then the underwear. About that time the phone ringed, she said "hold that thought" and went and answered it, leaving me standing there. When she came back she said "now where were we"? When I was firmly over her knee, she said "Oh, I hope my roommate doesn't come in". (she was out of town). We went through the first 22 with me counting, then she pinched me really hard. After that she had one of those paddle ball paddles with the ball removed. She worked on me for about half an hour. I tried to hold still, but she made me squirm abound a bit, finally she said it looked liked I'd had about enough and she helped me up. I stood there about 3 minutes and regained my composure, and she replaced my pants for me. She told me if I was game, some of her relatives have a farm with a real woodshed and said maybe when they are out of town some time we could go out and she would make me do the "woodshed dance". We'll see.....

  • Wow, it's clear she has some experience with this. You did say she is your buddy's sister. Did you say whether she's older than you and your buddy? I'll bet you were quaking in your socks when she went to answer the phone. I know that when Allison make me stand in front of her with my pants down I feel like a really naughty boy.

    I hope you're going to take her up on the woodshed. I did get the paddling that Santa told Allison to give me. She had a paddle about 3 inches wide but 18 inches long that looked handmade. I got countless strokes with it over her lap, then bent over the sofa so she could get a really good swing. For effect she also wore an elf costume (cute green dress with a short skirt) and said she was one of Santa's helpers. :)

  • I’m not the guy spanked by hs neighbor (I’m a girl) but I’ve been folllowing this and had some questions? First, good for you for following through. So you were a little scared? Cool. Did you say whether she was older than you? She has an apartment though. What were you thinking with your pants down waiting to go over her lap? Excited? Aroused? Thinking of leaving?

    Did she say anything to you while she was spanking your little behind? Aren’t those paddleball paddles awesome? I paddled my best friend (boy) with one when we were both tweens.

  • A lot to answer. She’s a year older than me, I’m a year older than my buddy. I think I’m her first, but I think she observed him getting it at home a few times. Don't have any details on that though. I was a little weak in the knees when she was on the phone, embarrassed also. I know what you mean about feeling like a naughty boy. I do think I’m going to do the woodshed, although it sounds like it might hurt more than the paddle. The Santa's elf thing sounds cool.

    To answer the girl’s questions, yes a little older. Yes, nervous, excited and aroused at the same time. Didn’t think of leaving. It was something I wanted to do for a long time. Yes, those things are awesome. She teased and taunted me the whole time. Stuff like “Ready…1…2…3” then she would move the paddle and not hit me, but I would flinch any way. Sounds like you’re into it, I also would like to hear your story.

  • I thought that when Allison came out in the elf dress that she'd take it a little easy but no. She laid it on hard and reminded me I was on Santa's naughty list for sure. I think she had a serious amount of fun with it.

    Does your buddy know his sister spanked you? I'm making a mental image of what happened to you, based on what you said and it must have been torture waiting for her to get off the phone. She clearly owned you for a few minutes which is kind of the point. Nice. It also sounds like she's not crazy or brutal and won't really hurt you. That would be important to me if I were going to actually go to a woodshed with a girl for a spanking.

    Thanks for the update. It's embarrassing to talk about this stuff, even anonymously.

  • I don’t think he knows anything about it. Yes torture is a good word, but in a good way. I was wondering what I’d gotten myself into. In answer to the lady that asked if she said anything to me, it was hilarious when she said hoped her roommate wouldn’t come in. I hope we hear from her again, it would be good to get a different perspective.

  • People come and go here. Since she found this thread and said she followed it, she may be back. You said she hoped her roommate wouldn't come back? Did it sound like she hoped the roommate would come back? What did you think? Would you have liked to have a witness? I think I would have.

  • I think she was just messing with me. The roomie was out of town. There is a post below about a guy getting it in front of his piano teacher and sister. That does sound intriguing, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that.

  • She may have been messing with you but she certainly got your attention. I imagine it got your heart beating a bit faster. I've only ever been spanked once with a witness and it's pretty awful when the two girls start teasing you.

  • Yes, scared me a little bit actually. I did get spanked like that once. My cousin and I got caught smoking his mom paddled both of us. Girl cousin and her friend were there. Was it your situation with Alison and one of her friends?

  • This was at college. The spanking was over my underwear and wasn't much of a spanking really. I was teasing a classmate of mine during a study session. She started using a mom voice and told me to behave myself. I didn't, of course. There had been four of us in the room but the other guy had to leave, so the two girls pounced on me, pulled down my sweats and the girl I was teasing spanked me a little. It was only a few spanks but it was really embarassing since I only knew them as classmates.

    I think that's one of the things that got me excited about Allison's teasing. Of course Allison's spankings are a lot harder and her being younger makes them much worse - in a good way.

  • When we got caught smoking, I kind of felt like we got set up. The girls gave us the cigs then tattled on us. I didn't know at the time how much I enjoyed being punished like that and how much I would want it in the future. Makes me wonder what triggers the people who enjoy having the upper hand (so to speak).

  • Did you ever get escorted out to that woodshed? I'm kind of jealous actually.

  • I think people feel that having the upper hand gives them control, at least for a few minutes, and helps relieve stress. Allison has told me that she floats on clouds after I allow her to paddle me. I can see it on her face and hear it in her voice afterwards. Spring break is coming up in a few weeks and she told me, giggling, that she's very disappointed with me and we're going to have to talk over the break. The girls who tattled on you may have felt the same way about having that kind of power.

  • I think you're right about that. The tattlers did seem like they had a good time with it. Had a good time teasing later, seemed a little giddy.

    Haven't been to the woodshed yet. We have to wait till the relatives are gone and the temps are a little warmer. It will be outside and I don't think I get to wear warm (any) clothes. I'm a little nervous about it, I think it's really going to hurt. I am going to do it though.

  • There's something so iconic about a woodshed. A place of privacy where no one will disturb your punishment. I know I'd be both nervous and excited. True, you probably won't be wearing clothes and yes, she is planning to make this a memorable experience.

  • Go find a switch and bring it back here young man. It better be a good one.

  • So a lot of girls are into paddling boys bare bottoms? I never knew. I'd love to hear your experiences. Are you about our age (20s) now?

  • Make that the phone "rang"

  • Make that the phone "rang".

  • Go for it. It happened to me once and I enjoyed it. Went to stay with aunt and uncle. The girl across the street told me about how she saw one of the boys in the neighborhood get spanked. I was intrigued and asked a lot of questions. She told me if I would come over later she would give me a good spanking. I did and she did a very thorough job, it really hurt, but like I said, I enjoyed it.

  • Our break is in 3 weeks. Part of me says it's a mistake but I really want to let her do it.

  • Are you there. I'm 16 and have two younger sisters and mom spanks them and makes me hard looking at their assess being spanked. Their 10 and 12 and get too see their vaginas. Sometimes i do things too get them into trouble......

  • It's weird, but it's not the worst thing. She's just being bossy and asserting some dominance over an older boy. I boss my older brother around and his friends too. I've only ever threatened one of his friends with a spanking and knows I'd do it too! LOL
    Don't let it turn into s**. That would really be wrong. I don't think that's her plan and it doesn't sound like it's yours either. Just don't let that happen.

  • I wonder if this girl's friends will make fun of me and try to boss me around too. How much older than you is your brother? How old are you?

  • I have an older brother too and I like to give him a hard time. Once he decided to stop and play basketball for a while on his way home instead of coming straight home for his piano lesson. When he got home it was too late for the lesson, but our piano teacher was still here. Mom sent him upstairs for the paddle and he got a real burner right in front her and me. He looked really cute over Mom's knee. I teased him about it mercilessly.

  • How did you tease him? I'm sure that whether I get spanked next week or not she's going to tease me. Do you think she'll tease me worse if she does spank me or if she doesn't?

  • Mostly comments about how cute he looked over mom's lap. You know you want to be spanked. I expect a full detailed report next week. Don't disappoint me young man.

  • Can I ask how old you are and how old your older brother is?
    So I left school on Friday afternoon and got home on Friday night. My parents picked me up at the airport. I was carrying my bags and my neighbor saw us headed into the house. She came over and asked how school was. I told my parents and my brother to go in and I'd be right there. Once the three of them left, she told me she was disappointed that it took so long but she could give my spanking this week. By her count she said I was due 60 penalty swats in addition to a good spanking. My parents were taking my brother to the movies today (Saturday) and I didn't have to go. She said "great, I'll be over at 1", smiled and went back to her house.
    At noon my parents and brother headed out. She came over at about 1245 and we made smalltalk. I didn't have a lot to say really. I asked her how school was and she told me about her classes. Finally she said it was time to get started. We went into the living room. She told me to take my pants down and bend over her lap. She sat on the sofa, I unbuckled my belt and lowered my jeans. I thought I'd be too heavy for her but she just patted her lap and told me to hurry up before I made this worse. I lowered myself across her knees.
    She scolded me for minute and began spanking. After a dozen or so she told me to raise my hips so she could take down my underwear. We got to 60 finally. I was trying to stay still (as she said to) but it was not to squirm.
    "Your bottom is already pretty red. I was joking about the paddle but it's not a bad idea. We can finish this later this week. I get home from school at 3:30." I wasn't in a position to argue. She made me turn and look at her. She had a huge smile on her face. She let me up and I pulled up my underwear and jeans. As I buckled my belt she said "Oh, I guess we could have used your belt. Maybe we'll do that too." She gave me a big hug and then left.

  • Semester is almost over. Going home for the summer? It's about time for a good spanking with the paddle and or belt. Maybe both. Don't disappoint me young man.

  • I finished finals last week and got home a few days later. My parents picked me up at the airport and said that Allison (the teenaged neighbor) had asked when I'd be home. She said I agreed to help her with a paper.
    Today was Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. Our town has a major picnic in town square and my parents always go. Allison's parents went also. Allison said she'd like to stay home and work on her term paper. She came over and asked me if I could help like I promised. So I said yes and off the parents went. Allison and I went to her house. She scolded me on the way over, saying I was a naughty boy for not responding to her texts and not calling her when I got into town. She was trying really hard not to giggle. Once inside she told me to wait in the living room and she'd be right back. She came back a few minutes later with a ping pong paddle and one of her dad's belts. "You should see how red your face is", she said. "Scared?" she asked and I said I was, a little.
    She sat in the middle of the sofa and had me take my pants off. After reminding me that I should have answered her texts sooner, she said to get over her knee. As I did, she pulled my underwear down to my knees. "Maybe this will remind you to be more respectful" she said, then gave me some warmup smacks with her hand. After another lecture she started paddling. After maybe 10 or 15 minutes and probably 100 or smacks my bottom was on fire. I then had to put my hands on the sofa cushions and put my head against the sofa back while applied her dad's belt about a dozen times. I have never felt anything like that - it was terrible. Then I had to stand in the corner with my hands on my head for 15 minutes before I was allowed to get dressed.
    "What did you think of that?" she asked and I said it was really painful and embarrassing. "Good. The next time will be harder". I wasn't sure if that was going to this afternoon again, or later this summer.

  • You are a naughty boy. But I'll bet you really looked cute over her knee with your pants down.

  • Twice since I've met her at her house after she gets home from school. Her parents aren't back from work yet and I've rearranged my work schedule to have the afternoon free. School is done this week for her, so Thursday may be my last spanking for a little while. She promised it will be a doozy.

  • So how did that last one go? Has she had a chance to see your "you know what"? When I spank a boy, I always make sure I do.

  • How odd that I hadn't checked here in a while, I got home from work and looked - and you had just responded. Spooky.

    At all but the last spanking, she had me lay over her lap and then pulled my underwear down. I had to hold my hips up and she worked the waistband down over it. She didn't say anything but she did take her time. The second last spanking was only over her lap. She said she liked it that way and had given me quite a red behind with the paddle and a hairbrush. I got my starch back, so to speak afterwards. She laughed about that and said it must mean that I enjoyed myself. I admitted I was enjoying the spankings even though they hurt.

    On this last one she did have me stand and then pulled my pants down herself. She thought it was funny how it seemed to have a mind of its own. That last spanking took a while as she'd spank me until it softened, then stiffened, then went soft... In all it took a good part of the afternoon while she had fun controlling it with paddling and gentle pats on my bottom. At the end she said it was impudent of me to show excitement over my punishment so she used her dad's belt at the end.

    We're still hoping there's a chance this summer for some more spanking fun.

    You said "When I spank a boy"? How often do you get to do that and how old are you?

  • He's a couple of years older than me. The incident with the piano teacher was several years ago. Sounds like you're going to have a follow up. You'll let us know how it goes with the paddle and the belt?

  • You need to teach your brother's friend a lesson. Next time he talks back, you know what to do.

  • How old is your brother also...

  • My stepbrother is 8. My parents didn't go out much just before I went back to school so I didn't see her over at my house. I saw her in the street just before leaving and she gave me a smack on the ass, saying I was a naughty boy for not taking my spanking like a good boy. She asked when my spring break was and then said there was a penalty smack for each day she had to wait. She had a very smug smile as she said it.

  • Go for it!

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