I've shared my wife with another man and want to do it again

Jan 2, 2018


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  • My husband allowed me to f*** his best friend Dean. The first time I meet Dean, we had gone out drinking and dancing. After several drinks, I began dancing with Dean. A slow song started playing, Dean took me by the hand to dance. As we danced I could feel his hard c*** against me, I let him hold my ass. I could feel my p**** getting wet, wanting more. Just as I thought the night couldn't be any better we had to leave with them closing.

    We returned to our place deciding it was time to get some sleep. I went to the bedroom to get comfortable removing my bra and panties, before making up Dean's bed. While he was sitting there, I could see him checking me out, I also noticed the bulge in his pants. Without thinking I bend over making the bed letting him see my p****.

    After returning to the bedroom, I admitted to my husband everything. Told him I I wanted to f*** Dean. He agreed if I wanted to go through with it, not sure how. Hubby suggested for me to get undressed completely putting on my small silk robe, walk over to Dean in bed. Before I had time to change my mind, I went to him told him this was hubby's idea. I opened my robe allowing him to see me naked, telling him I was his for the night.

  • I also shared my wife with other men, would be willing to do it again. Favorite time was watching her have s** with black friend Kevin.

  • I regularly have threeways with my husband and a friend of his. It's perfect, really, because my husband doesn't last long, but his friend has good stamina. It's so easy to get off with my husband's friend that I think I'm in love with him.

  • My husband shared me with his best friend and I enjoyed it so much. Now I go out and get a cab home and always give the driver the choice, the fare or a f*** 9 out of 10 choose the f***.
    Hubby gets jealous when I walk in with s**** running down my legs

  • Good girl.

  • Bet they are all Pakistani if you live in the uk

  • Oh yes, I love letting the f*** me with their black circumcised c****

  • She will f*** other men with or without your knowledge. May as well be involved and know what is going on.
    I always say more women f*** around than men. It's simple logic really. Women need only say yes to have an affair. Men have to find a woman willing to not only have s** with you, but also betray another woman.

  • Want to share/trade pics of her? My wife loves it as well.

  • I enjoy being shared by several men. My bf shares me with his friends

  • I have shared my gf, and now wife with other men, we like to go to club and go home with another man, as my has hot t*** for c***, I love to be a cuckhold husband. so far 5 different married men.

  • I did I,let 2 blacks enjoy mine like the animals they are the Monkey comes out

  • Lucky you. Was it her idea or yours?

  • That's cool! I would love to play with both of you.

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