I'm attracted to my girlfriend's niece

My girlfriend and I are in our early 40s. We met approximately 5 years ago and our relationship is mostly friendly without much s** to be honest. I've met most of her family through pictures, videos and FaceTime since they live in Brazil. My girlfriend's niece, I'll call her Rose, has just turned 20 and I've become so attracted to her even though I've never met her in person. I don't really talk to her over the phone nor do we keep contact except for the occasional hello or the sending of a kiss for gifts I send her family. She is such a beautiful young lady and I'm afraid I could become more attracted to her. My girlfriend has been insisting for Rose to come stay with us so she could visit and practice her English, as well. I'm just afraid that once Rose is here, we bond and something might happen. I guess by writing and confessing this that nothing really does.

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  • I have a similar issue. Been with my girlfriend a year met all her family as she is really family orientated but all through the summer at every family event her niece is there. It’s slightly weird as she is only 13 and I’m 20 but she is quite attractive for her age and is starting to develop. With the hot weather I walk round topless quite a lot and she’s always in skimpy clothes like short shorts drop tops skirts all showing lots of flesh and I have caught her looking at me a few times. One time I sat opposite her when she was wearing a skirt and being fairly young she doesn’t really know how to sit in a skirt and I got it just right to see what I wanted to see. I feel really bad about this as I know it is wrong but I can’t help it.

  • I have a regular relationship with my niece She's 10, and just loves the hard ramming I give her when she comes to visit me. Watching my thick juices drippping from her bald hole drives me wild.

  • Are you there. I have similar stories...

  • God i hope that’s a joke

  • It happens. With me, it was my niece's long-time friend, who's now 21. Knew her since they were both very young, and through the years always thought..That girl's going to be hot and gorgeous when she gets older. They're both finishing college and don't speak anymore, however, I caught up with "Tina" when she was in for break and was very impressed with what's she's become. Hot, fit body, loves to wear clothes that show it off (wore a cropped, oval-open to expose cleavage shirt when I met up with her), great, sexy smile, beautiful face and great ass.

    Now that she's "of age", my eyes couldn't stop looking at her and wanting to have all of her..Long gone was the girl who's dance recitals I'd grumble about going to..Now, she was a sexy, desirable woman driving me crazy.

    We haven't done anything yet, however...I can see it happening. And I'll go wild on her.

  • I hate how everything can be so complicated, im a woman who has been cheated on multiple times and it “ruined” me in ways you couldn’t imagine so if i were you I’d give her the best f*** of her life 🤷‍♀️

  • You should confess this to your GF to avoid future problems and drama with the niece. However I don't figure you will

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