All the victims of fire in California are white.

Many of the fires are set in places where legal pot is being grown. Could it be that the Mexican cartels are setting the fires to eliminate competition? Or could it be Chinese emigrants who want to buy land vacated by the burned out victims?

Someones doing this and we need to find out who.



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  • California is now starting to punish US citizens who turn in illegal immigrants. How's that for taking care of your own people? That whole f****** state along with the whole west cost could fall off the face of the earth and the world would be a much better place without it. When it goes, it needs to take all the corrupt politicians with it. Like that racist hypocritical b**** Maxine Waters and that crazy gun grabbing b**** Dianne Feinstein. Don't forget the crooked governor Jerry Brown

  • The fires are probably caused by pot smokers dropping hot ash on such dry ground.

  • #paranoiac

  • I think you should listen to the politicians that you elected and open the boarders to Mexico. Of course you should do this after CalExit so the rest of us can sit back and laugh at the chaos you all so desperately want.

  • Agree these seem deliberate

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