Can’t stop cheating

I never thought I’d be the type of guy to cheat on a girl but lo and behold it’s happened multiple times in less than a month. I’m a senior in high school and a girl asked me to her jr prom and I said yes and we started to form a relationship. We were never official but we kissed a little (she was super awkward so I never tried anything sexual). Soon after I kissed my long time friend who was always kind of a fantasy girl for me and the next day we hooked up. She told me a lot how much she liked me but she couldn’t form a relationship because she was in college and she was far away. I ended things with prom girl for college girl but a few days after college girl just seemed uninterested. Which is weird because she was close with me before as friends. She avoided me until it was time for her to go back to college without officially ending anything. So I guess me and college are technically still a thing but I’ve hardly talked to her in a week (which is a long time in this relationships standards). Now I’m talking to a third girl that I’ve known for a few months and she’s really into me and I’m into her too. The thing is if college girl at any point wanted to come back to me I probably would go with her because I have crazy strong feelings. Please help I don’t know how to deal with liking 2 girls at once again. I want to make sure no feelings get hurt

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  • It honestly sounds like college girl doesn’t want anything serious, and if she ignores and avoids you, she’s not the one she may be fun and if you want to hook up with her great but her heart doesn’t seem on the place yours is in. And if you And this new girl are vibing go with it! Just be honest with the girls, as a woman who’s been cheated on, it’s more damaging than one can imagine. The important thing to remember is we’re young, and to each his own.

  • Thank you for replying! I think that’s what I needed to hear. It’ll just be hard because I’ve liked college girl for years

  • Oh honey if she’s the one it’ll happen, but don’t let it hold you back. I promise once you’re out of school 99% of the things that seemed like such a big deal will seem so small. Hang in there & good luck ♥️

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