So...10 years ago in college I hooked up with one of my female friends, Started out as a drunk night after the bar and she stayed over, We did some kissing and minor groping then she would stay over a couple times a month, Usually after going to the bar and we ended up going all the way twice but was mostly just kissing and groping before passing out, She finished her schooling a year before me and moved away, got married and had a couple kids.
Recently she moved back to town and called me up, She told me she had moved back and just thought she would call me and see if I wanted to get together, She explained that her husband had gotten a promotion at work and so they moved back, I agreed and we went out for supper and some drinks, We talked and caught up on each others lives and went home, It was a really nice evening.
My husband has never met her but everyone knew about me and her in college and he obviously heard all the stories and has been constantly bugging me asking if she is looking to "Rekindle our relationship", I have tried to tell him it was just silly college stuff and never was a relationship but he is convinced that she and I should hook up and its making me feel awkward about getting together with her again, I don't have any interest in that anymore and I am sure she doesn't either but he is making me uncomfortable.

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  • Either tell him to shut up about it, or, do it and prove him right..

  • Your husband knows that sometime you get tngether your p****** will itch and it wil be back to old times

  • P**** itching usually means yeast infection not sexxy fun times

  • Honestly, what's the problem here? Tell him to shut up and f'uck off. There. Problem solved.

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