Hot daughter

I confess my 18 y old daughter has a nice body I can't help to look at times. I found her laundry basket one day full of her cloths so I looked thru it and was looking at her sexy panties and started jerking off with them, I took a wif of her dirty panties and it smelt so good and cumed right away. Now I like to m********* with her panties thinking of her. I would never touch her but I been fantasizing about her. I feel ashamed every time after I blow my load

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  • I would love to be bringing her panties to my nose while I'm sucking on the crotch also would be Wearing them together

  • Its ok

  • I have a stepdaughter 24 years old who asked me to fix her laptop. I looked through her photos once I got it booted up and I found 13 different photos of her nude. Some of them where of her spread eagle holding her p**** lips apart. I quickly plugged in my phone and downloaded them to a private folder. Makes me very h**** when I m********* to her and I shoot a load in less than a minute.

  • That is hot

  • That sounds hot

  • She might want daddy to f*** her. I had cousins that wanted to f*** when I was young and hot and now I wish I had. With daughters you could teach her a lot and definitely teach her how a real man eats p****. Boys her age cannot do that right.

  • I have three daughters and they all learn things from daddy. I beleave its the natural order off things...

  • Hmm go ask kaka, what she meant when she said "oh well i got what i wanted" what? just a kid by a certain age when most women want a wedding over a baby first. its all back the front and don't add up, talk about wake the f*** up. someone can go wake her fuckup.

  • I have three young daughters and my wife and i and our daughters walk around house naked...

  • Don't send picture of young kids on snapchat. The FBI is cracking down on child p***. My buddy got arrested 2 weeks ago for sending a naked pic of his 7 year old daughter on Snapchat and on his text

  • That's too good to be true. that all of y'all walk around naked. Most ppl lie. I'd like to see that with my own eyes. I'm 15 add me on Snapchat. Towboat04

  • Its the truth and why on earth woud i send pictures. Our famy go too nudist resorts once or twice a year...

  • We live naked at home and have our own place at a nudist club. We go every weekend during season and see many other naked families. No need to sneak around and smell panties and fantasize what a girl looks like nude. Heck I know exactly what my friends daughters and wives look like naked.

  • What do your daughters look like and what ages. My wife and i and our three daughters walk around naked at home also and at least twice a year go too nude resorts...

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