Boyfriend promblems

I have this boyfriend that i have been with going on 5 years! we have split up a few times and the last time we broke up because i went to jail for assaulting this girl that he was talking to behind my back trying to have s** with her and take her out on dates. during my time in jail i thought in the beginning that he loved me and that we were still in a relationship, well i was completely wrong! he had started messing with a girl that we had a 3 some with, taking her to work letting her stay the night having s** with her in the bed we had shared and letting her around his kids my stepdaughters he had came up to the jail and told me to do your bit and not worry about what he is doing. My dad had died a couple days after my birthday, which was devastating! where was he no where to be found he was out being a w**** and f****** everyone with A V*****! excuse my language and then i stopped talking to him, i was in jail for a total of 8 months he got back in touch with me and we ended up getting back together!. few months later we had a son things seemed to be going great but then the secrets and the betrayal started all over again he had also lost his father and i was by his side the entire time! comforting him and trying to make him feel better i even gave his dad cpr to try and bring him back, i was trying to put my feelings to the side about how he wasn't there for me when my dad had died and i was in jail and be a good person and girlfriend and be by his side every step of the way. anyways he belittles me and calls me names like stupid and a dumb b**** and that he wishes i was dead! then he apologizes and says he didn't mean it he was just mad. i try to do things with him and go to the store or anything with him and he always makes the excuse that its to much to take our 1 year old son out, hes sleeping, i dont feel like putting him in the car seat, etc. when i have told him that i would do it all i just want to get out and spend time with you. I feel like he doesn't want me around and he doesn't want to been seen in public with me or he is meeting up with his other baby mamma and giving her money and just dont want me to know about it, he knows that i dont have my license that i just have a learners permit and no car i tell him that i cant wait to get a car and my L's so i dont have to be stuck in this house all the time while he is out everyday and doesn't even take me with him he talks to other woman and then deletes the messages saying o it didn't mean anything why do you care? he honestly all around acts like he doesnt give a s*** about me and he only wants me around to take care of his girls that totally disrespeectful me and have told me they dont like me while he runs around and does wtf he wants to do


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  • I'm just SO glad class acts like you breed like flies. It eases my conscience when someone goes on a mass shooting spree, realizing that at the end of it there will very likely be fewer of you.

  • You need to grow up, take care of your child and get away from this serial cheater.

  • Take your child and break up with this loser. So he's nice to you 1/4 of the time when he wants something from you. What is the appeal? His looks? Because he doesn't sound like he has a lot to offer and he treats you and his kids like s***. Your child should be your #1 priority. Look do whatever you can to get your life and finances in order and leave. It just sounds like drama and maybe that's what you like. But again.. you have a child. Maybe someday this guy will grow up and can have a relationship with his son, but you don't need to be going to jail.. that can't be what you want for yourself. His daughters have their own mothers or grandmothers. You need to take your son and move on. Don't even look back. Guaranteed he will still be a loser and pulling the same s*** in 6 months.

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