It happened that day

I’m a 17 year old curvy young woman who was a virgin until yesterday. Well what happened was that I was watching p*** while my step dad was out , my mom left us 3 years ago and the funny thing was that the p*** video was between dad and daughter anyways I became turned on by it then because I thought he would be out for a while I took off my panties and started to play with myself in my room and I wasn’t really enjoying it like I wanted to because I was super h**** then I was trying and trying then my stepdad entered my room and I was so shocked and he was a little p***** and upset and I told him it was nothing serious because I was still a Virgin and his face made some form of expression I couldn’t read and then he left my room but then he was sexy and I was super h**** and shy so I tried to be bold and tried to do what I saw in the p*** and tried to seduce him so I went in his room still with no panties but I had on a skirt a short one too and I apologized and he said it was ok but then I got way too excited and I went on top of him and started kissing him and he was shocked and pulled away and kept saying no and I was determined to at least get my p**** sucked so I said daddy please I want you he kept saying it’s wrong and I took his hand and put it under my skirt and his eyes widened and he was trying to pull his hand away I’m like please daddy I just want you to touch me and he softened up a little bit so when I took his pants off I sat back in his lap and said touch me again daddy and put his hand under me again but this time he refused and since he was in his underpants I started grinding on him and moaning stuff like I want you daddy I want you and in no time his c*** got hard and I was surprised yet excited and I told him don’t fight it daddy please I just want you to touch me and he gave in a little and started playing with my p**** and fingering me and it felt so much better when someone else does it and I was there moaning and saying stuff like god this is tight and then I’m like can you taste me please and layed flat on the bed and played with myself trying to turn him on to do it and he hesitated but then did and it felt sooo good I didn’t want him to stop and he kept saying I taste good and when he did stop he said that’s all baby cause I’m not f****** you and his d*** was hard as a rock I got on my knees and said let me satisfy you daddy please and he was shaking his head while I pulled down his underpants slowly and the rock hard c*** popped out he’s like baby and I hurriedly take his c*** in my mouth and tried my best to do it like the girls in the p*** and he was so relaxed and kept saying f*** right there don’t stop and that was when I knew I had him and I deepthrowted him slot because he loved that although it felt like I was gonna gag but he loved it and I was happy and I said dirty things like do u love it when I suck your big c*** daddy and he kept saying yes be daddy’s bad girl and when I was done I begged him to take my virginity please he asked if I was sure and I told him I only wanted him and he slowly entered inside me and cursed saying I was so tight and although it hurt like h*** at first it turned into pleasure and he kept saying my p**** was so good and while I was riding him I told him to say dirty stuff to me and he did and it motivated me and then I told him I want him to go as hard as he wants and he did that and it was the best s** and he came inside me just like we both wanted and no I’m not pregnant and I’m on the pill . Now I only want him and he’s so overprotective of me like he doesn’t want any guys around me and we do everything together and I’m learning more in p*** to please him more and we’ve been f****** since then and it’s like a fantasy that came to life and I don’t want it to stop and what makes me blush is when he said I have the tightest p**** he has ever felt . He even said he loves me and I do too . Just wanted to get it off my chest . Should I stop ? Idk what to do anymore


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  • So you are a virgin and yet you were on the pill 🤦🏽‍♂️ you are such a dumb ass.

    If you are going to make up BS stories, at least use your brain you idiot.

  • Ofc it’s after you a****** . You can excuse yourself now son of a b****

  • A fantasy post.

  • Whatever floats your boat

  • World's longest sentance

  • Lol it wasn’t punctuated smartass and I believe the word is sentence

  • Thank you, I will correct myself

  • Dint listen too that moron and pc correct s***...

  • How about you f*** yourself little f***** and get the f*** away like who asked you to comment

  • They love it...

  • I have s** with my stepdaughters. Their 9,11 and 13. Just go with it hun and enjoy the experience.....

  • Your a sick f***

  • They love it....

  • Woah

  • You should have kept your legs closed. Maybe later after you graduated and had a boyfriend your own age you could have had s** with him. Family member s** is wrong.

  • Well it happened

  • I would love you too be one off my daughters hun. Are you there...

  • Message me hun...

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