My naked stepdaughter

Im so hard just thinking about this but I want other stepdads to read my story and get hard also. I have a 14 year old stepdaughter who has thick thighs and a big ass and she wears so many thongs. I can tell by the way her ass bounces when she walks. One day she asked if she can stay home from school because she didn’t feel well so we let her. Once her mom was out the house I was the last to leave. While I was on my way to work, I got called from my boss saying I had to take my week vacation that he forgot to tell me so to not go in all week. When I got back home I didn’t go in through the front door, I went in through the back to where my room was. Once inside I could hear someone moaning I walked in quietly and her door was wide open, I saw her completely naked in her bed using her moms tiny vibrator and she was streaming p*** from her phone to the tv. The tv volume was pretty loud but the way she was moaning, I always stared at her when I had the chance but never did i think I would see her like that. I got my phone out and recorded her for a long time. She must’ve watched 3 p*** episodes while I stood there hard as f*** watching her. You can hear the tiny vibrator full speed and her moaning and saying oh daddy I want your big d*** daddy. All I keep fantasizing is her thinking of me. When I heard the vibrator turn off I walked away slowly. She never realized I was there. I came back in the house about 30 minutes later and walked towards her room and she was asleep still naked but with the covers. I slowly pulled of her covers and she was laying slightly on her side with her ass spread open to where I can see everything. I took off my shorts and boxers and picked up her tiny thong and started j********** watching her, I got her phone and started recording my self j********** over her naked ass. I moaned just loud enough to get it recorded and I started calling out her name. It lasted for about 20 minutes until I came on her ass. I left her room and then went to the store. When I got back she was in the living room And said hey you’re home early. Around the middle of the night I was so turned on I walked naked towards the living room and her room is right next to it I checked to se if she was asleep and went through her dirty clothes and picked up on of her thongs. I put p*** on my phone and searched for a stepdaughter one. When it started I put the volume all the way up and it started, I put the phone standing on a coffe table we had to where when she got up the first thing she will see is what I’m watching and me obviously j********** with her thong. From the corner of my eye I seen her phone turn on so I knew she was awake, I knew she was watching now, the girl in the video I was watching was moaning loud saying oh daddy oh daddy f*** me daddy and the guy kept telling her let’s not tell mom. I know she could hear it. When I was about to c** I put her thong and exploded on it. I walked away as if nothing. The next morning she asked me if she can stay home again, I agreed. I never told her I was on vacation. I took a ride and came back moments later and just like I planed, I heard her moaning loud I could hear her bed hit the wall, she had the vibrator on the bed and she was sitting on it naked grinding on it and on her tv she was playing the video I recorded when she was asleep. As she moaned she yelled daddy I’m c****** again. I got naked right there outside her door, she still didn’t have a clue I was there. I had my back against the wall hard as a rock j********** at the way she moaned. On the video she was at the part where I started c****** on her and she moaned in frustration, why didn’t you just f*** me daddy! I couldn’t resist any longer I walked in and as soon as she seen me she froze and she looked down at my d*** just throbbing in her face and I told her I’m here, let me f*** you, I’ve been watching since yesterday and she said I saw you last night with my thong also. I told her to turn around but she said not yet come here, she started giving me head. I bent her over on the bed and put my d*** inside her. Her ass is so big you could here the claps. She was yelling uncontrollably, I had so much of her c** on my d*** and just dripping out. I wanted to c** inside her so bad but I couldn’t. I put it back in her mouth and held the back of her head so she wouldn’t move when I came in her mouth. Her p**** was so tight around my d***. We sext all day now and she sends me so many naked pictures.

Apr 16, 2020

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  • 14 she should have been sucking it before now

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  • This fantastic I also have s** with my step daughter, are you there to talk?

  • We double penetrated my friends sister web she was 10 wow so tight still bald

  • People say that it’s wrong, that we’re pedophiles!!! F*** that, I say they are wrong. My stepdaughter acted how she did when her mom was away because she wanted it. Yeah, I’m not going to lie, before I f***** her I fantasized about her, I would j******* sniffing her panties. But because she would do things to provoke me when her mom was away for the weekends. I’m not going to lie, Before She actually was awake for me to f*** her, I would give here sleeping pills but only when her mom was away for a few days. When she would fall asleep I did get her naked numerous times, I did so many things to her while she was knocked out off those pills. Like I said in the story, I have so many pictures and videos of me licking her p****, or fingering her. I have videos of me f****** her and she never knew. Yeah you can say I molested her, had s** with her without her consent but she started it by saying and doing things to arouse me. I gave her the pills to take advantage of her at nights because I didn’t know how to tell her that I wanted to have s** with her. With the pills I did what I wanted.

  • Let’s talk, I really want to know your story. Tell me about your stepdaughter and I’ll tell you about mine. Are you there??

  • I’m here now. I can conversate...

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