Loose lips sink ships.

I have been married 18 years and got married when i was 20 so you do the math, First a little history, In those 18 years my husband and i have had 3 hookups with a third person, Once with a female friend of mine 16 years ago which was the first for both of us and now twice with a male friend of his once 10 years ago then again on new years eve.
Not something we planned any of the times, Just randomly happened but on new years eve we had a party and had the kids stay at a sitters over night, As people were getting ready to leave one couple said they were going to head home and my husbands friend who we had been with once before said to me "Well, I think i'll share a cab with them". After we had hooked up many years ago it was never mentioned again, He still doesn't know that we did it with my friend before that and she doesn't know we did it with him after her so obviously it is not something we advertise and everyone just took it as a random thing that would probably never happen again, He was married 2 years after it happened but they split 3 years ago.
When he said he was going to go i looked around and there was only one other couple still there and they mentioned sharing a cab with the other couple, I hadn't actually thought about it before that point but something clicked and before he could say anything to them I quickly whispered "Or you could stay for a bit", He didn't catch it right away and looked at me so i lifted my eyebrows and then bit my bottom lip trying to look all seductive but probably wasn't but he did catch on, He looked at me, Cleared his throat and said "Oh?", I scrunched up my nose and nodded and he said "Is he Ok with it?" nodding toward my husband. I said "Oh, I am quite sure he will be" and after ushering our friends out the door I looked at my husband, Raised my eyebrows and nodded toward his friend, My husband looked at me wide eyed and nodded quickly.
We didn't waste any time and basically all raced to the bedroom, and banged until we were all exhausted, My husband and i bought a house next door to another couple who we have been friends with for years, We did a ton of renovations and with the back of our house facing a large coulee with a river at the bottom and a beautiful view we put in floor to ceiling windows with sheer curtains and no one along the coulee has a back fence except a couple people, We have black out blinds but we were not thinking about anything else and when we were done he left and I never really thought about it again until a week ago.
I am sitting on the patio having a drink and my friend from next door who i am pretty close with and would consider her one of my best friends but she came over and sat down, We have talked many times since new years but she sat down and didn't say a word, I looked at her and finally said "Everything ok?", And she looked at me saying "I need to...Well i mean...I want to ask...I'm not sure how to say this" then she went on to say that on new years eve she stumbled out back to have a smoke after her husband passed out before they could "Ring in the new year" She explained that it is no excuse but she was drunk and h**** and when she seen our light come on she was going to go back inside but couldn't help herself and took a peek.
Needless to say i was in shock, the horror of realizing that someone outside of that room at that moment now knew what we had done hit me like a ton of bricks, I felt my heart sink and wanted to cry but just put my head down, She began to apologize profusely but i stopped her and said "Ohhhh f***".
We sat and talked for a long time but she was more inquisitive than anything, She told me she saw everything but it seemed like she had more questions than anything and after i explained that it has only happened twice (I didn't tell her about my friend) she seemed surprised, She said "So...Once when you were 28 and not since?" I explained that it is not a regular thing but just something that happened and she confided that she has never but has often wondered what it would be like, I had to tell her that obviously it is different for everyone and every couple has a different dynamic to which she replied that her husband would never be ok with that and would consider it an insult if she ever even mentioned it.
I think it was actually good that she did say something because we were able to clear the air and if she hadn't i think she would have always been awkward holding on to that secret, I just hope she can keep it a secret.

Feb 1, 2018

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  • If she was your best friend why wasn't she invited to the New Years Eve Party?

  • I would love for my wife to have a threesome with me and another guy. I talk dirty to her during s** and she always gets really h**** having intense o******, but then afterwards when I ask her if we should find someone, she always says no. Do you think she really wants to, but just doesn't want to say yes?

  • No, Sometime a girl just likes to roleplay, It does not mean she wants someone else.
    I don't do it because my husband wants it, I don't do it because he isn't enough for me, I do it because once in a while the feeling strikes me so i do it, My husband understands that he doesn't get to ask for it or push for or even hint at it. If you start trying to push her she will do one of two things depending on what type of person she is.
    1) She decides that you both want different things and either leaves or thinks you are unfulfilled going forward which can cause more issues than anything.
    2) She does it for you and completely resents you for it which will ruin your marriage.
    It is not for everyone and it only works for us because i am in control of if and when it happens and all involved know that so there is no pressure.

  • So you control everything that happens, but then how do you know your husband wants it? Wouldn't that be like me telling my wife that I'm going to f*** another woman and there's nothing she can do about it? I would think that actions should be controlled by the opposite partner. She gets to f*** another guy because husband controls it, or he gets to f*** another women because wife controls it. Just my perspective.

  • This. +1 Internet point.

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