want it to stop but how?

me and my boyfriend are currently doing something physical everyday. being all touchy touchy, reaching down there. i don't want it to be an everyday thing. in fact i want it to stop, but how? gave him a challange of not doing anything for a few months, and he said ok. but he's like its going to be hard... me being a s** addict and all, it's part of my personalitly and its like throwing part of me away. is that true? can that really happen? i feel as if i've lost my innocent. i want him to be the love of my life but without the s**! its possibe right? he says that s** is not what this relationship is about... so will it make a difference if i ask him to stop and wait... till we get older?

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  • This sounds like my "Gay Boyfriend and I.

  • If the relationship is more than that then he will try to stop for you if not, well then you know what he has on his mind.

  • ^ if this is really a mother, guessing from "if this is my daughter", then you're a f***** up mother to be giving some other kid this kind of advice.


  • You should just let him s**** you once and for all. Once he gets what he wants, he won't be so "addicted" anymore and will probably leave you anyways. If he's the love of your life, then what are you saving yourself for?

    Btw if this is my daughter, I'm breaking his legs and yours when I get home.

  • I respect my gf I try to do more than just kiss and I stil love her she want to wait and I respect her choice

  • No it doesnt make a difference. He needs to respect the fact that your too young and not ready. He cannot be a s** addict...if your touchy touchy your just feeding into that so-called addiction. It's gonna be hard to fight that temptation. Just try not to hang out in his room or yours...stay active and go out to places to avoid temptation.

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