I'm in love with a guy I work with

I am married, have 3 kids, stale s** life and very little spark in the marriage. Started a job 6 months ago, and this guy I work with is so good looking, educated and has the same passion I do for many of the same hobbies. I see him and talk to him everyday and it gets hard for me everyday to keep this Inside. I obviously can't do or say anything for so many obvious reasons. Ugh so frusterating.

Mar 13, 2014

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  • You're not in love with the guy....you are l******! Is your marraige worth an affair? If it isn't then get a divorce and s**** whoever you want!

  • Don't know what you're stressing over. Have an affair. Lighten the f*** up. Have a little fun. Sheesh.....

  • Sheesh? Oh yeah, sure. Easy peasy for you to say. You don't have a bodybuilder on steroids for a husband. I cheat on him and he finds out, me and the guy I screwed are deadmeat when hubby goes on a roid rage and kills us. That's your sheesh, Mr. Cavalier. P.S. KISS MY ASS!

  • Your problem isn't the attraction to the colleague: your problem is that you married a selfish egotistical a*** cavity. And your bigger problem is that you are so wrapped up in his image of himself, and the reflected glory you think you're receiving because "someone so strong and sculpted CHOSE ME!!", that when you find yourself having an independent thought, you don't have the will to act on it. "Sheesh"? No. "Sad".

  • Well I have briefly discussed having an open marriage with my hubby but if I did I don't think I would choose this guy from work because I don't want to risk my job.

  • This happens all the time. Is your marriage worth risking over a guy at work? That may be the question you will have to ask yourself.

  • Bahahaha! I remember my first berr, too.

  • Just f*** him,u know u want to and u going to and more married women cheat now than ever anyway

  • You are so crude! Barf!

  • But you're so cute!!!! Whay barf???!?

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