Sleeping around

Im a 33 year old very atractive girl who married a older CEO he's 59 for his money. H*** kill me if he find out I'm righting this. he loves me a lot. s** is great but we really don't have nothing in common. i dropped out of high school and he is a lot educated. Well, he always works late and often doesn't get his ass home until 11 or 12 at nite. Then he's to tired to f***.So i started f****** around. I have been with over 2 cozened men in the last 2 yeres. My frends say Im stupid for doing it but I don't see what harm it does him. I get my needs met and he still has his trophy wife. What the f*** is wrong with that?

Sep 22, 2014

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  • What's to say he's not doing the same thing? Has some hot, educated college girl at the office, all too willing to provide for HIS needs, and, give him the intellectual stimulation that you clearly cannot? If he's getting home at 11pm or midnight..I'd be his c*** was inside some other little hottie at 9pm.

  • *bet..

  • Instead of wasting your out f****** other men you should seriously go back to school, you might have to get a job someday. Because this relationship isn't going to last much longer.

  • You go girl!

  • He probably already knows. Guys like that have a tendency to keep track of their wives, and their wives' movements, text messages, emails and phone-calls. My guess? He already knows and either accepts it or actively approves. As long as you aren't taking excessive risks (f****** drug users, immigrants or n******), he probably won't mind. In fact, you might want to start testing his knowledge or interest in your extracurriculars by talking about how sexy certain men are when the two of you encounter them in public. Just mention one or two, here and there, and shee how he responds to your observations. H***, he may even encourage you to pursue other men. Wouldn't that be fabulous? At his age, as long as you're meeting his needs in the bedroom, he may not care what you're up to the rest of the time. I've known LOTS of men just like him (was married to two) and that was the attitude that most of them had: as long as I wasn't bringing STD's into the bedroom, they didn't care who I f*****. That's not true of every man, naturally, but I think it's true of most of them. They've arrived at the place in their lives where their marriages -- and their s** lives -- are based on simple economics. Your man may totally LOVE the fact that you f*** other people. In fact, he may be disappointed that you aren't f****** MORE.

  • Thanks. Thats good advice. I'll try it.

  • Good for you. Everyone wins. Ignore these fools- if they don't like it,mthey shouldn't do it. I have no idea why they are being so rude. I'm sure they are just p***** off because you have money. If you didn't they wouldn't be so rude. S**** them

  • You're as dumb as a bag of d*****. I sure hope you don't have offspring, if you know what that means.

  • Obviously, he didn't marry you for intelligence.

  • You got that right! I was a bad student. I spent most of my time smoking in the bathroom.

  • "H*** kill me if he find out I'm righting this. he loves me a lot." lol. He obviously didn't marry you for your brains or your spelling.

  • "I have been with over 2 cozened men in the last 2 yeres"...WHAT ? You're a lame ass w**** s*** b****, and hope your stupidity lands you on the streets with a really bad disease.

  • There is nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you did not sign any prenup. However by reading your post with grammer errors, your too stupid to know any better. Maybe that is what your friends ment.

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