A cute girl half my age said hi :)

Ive known her a couple years, her family frequents the place I work. Shes just finished homeschool, lives on a horse-farm with her really cool hippie parents, shes shy but always smiling, you know the innocent type who have probably never even kissed a guy or said a bad word. Ive always noticed her personality and how real she seems in comparison to most girls I meet. However, Im like twice her age. Yet today we bonded. For the first time ever, she came up to me and we smiled and chatted for a minute (then some weird guy interruped us). No bad intentions toward her, but it just feels like theres always been a very slight subtle bond. Today it grew. Shes really nice. And beautiful. Inside and out. I really enjoyed the attention she gave me and our little chat. It really gave me a boost!

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  • The relative age difference will shrink over time. You said she's just finishing school, so she's 18 and you're in your 30s? That's a big difference and the two of you are in very different places in your life. In a few years though, she'll have some more life experience and you won't be twice her age any more. There might be something for you two in the future but in the meantime, it never hurts to have a pretty girl be your friend. Be hers as well and maybe, some day there could be more. Enjoy the friendship. I have a few of those too and they make me smile.

  • Don't let it go. Keep speaking to her, even if only a "hello", every time you meet. Comment on her clothing, her hair, her jewelry, etc., nothing pushy, just pleasant. You seem like a genuinely nice guy. Let her see that. Best wishes to both of you.

  • Dude lets be real. She is a kid that hasn't even got to live any life experiences yet. 30+ year old guy making eyes for my young daughter there would be no more 30+ year old above ground.

  • Yes, the parents will interfere. The girl is best off being with people of both genders her own age and her own environment. Let her go.

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