Sometimes I really hate my life. My mum is such a b**** shes always saying how im fat and calling me a pig, and it really hurts when she says those hurtful things to me. shes always telling me to go exercise, then I ask her to buy me a gym membership and she says no?!? She ignores me all the time, and she never lets me hang out with my friends because she thinks im gonna do drugs which im not.shes always trying to tell me what to do with my life, I'm 17 already and can make my own choices.There's been many times i've wanted to run away but I dont really have anywhere to go, because my mum never lets me go places with my friends, i've become so anti-social and just lock myself in my room. And now I feel like its harder for me to be social with other people cause i never get to go out and ive become so awkward that its harder to talk to people and actually sustain a conversation.

May 25, 2012

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  • I must say call for help because your mom is forcing you and well you can make your decisions in life but As A true fact she is your mother and wants to guide you through life and in the end you want your parents, but now you need to tell her and get a job and tell her if she can't help you why do you do this to me if you want me to do that if you can't help. Look try getting a job and try not to let your mom hold you back and get help. She is being a mother but if you need someone get a counselor or someone.

  • I do have a job but everyone is older then me so its sometimes hard to talk to them.

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