Stripped and jerked off outside...

So about two years ago my friend and I were chilling somewhere outside when we came up with the idea of playing truth or dare. We were playing for a while when suddenly a group of guys, around 18, walked past us and went to a basketball field behind us. They weren't paying attention to us so we just continued our game. Then, my friend dared me to go talk to those guys. I thought it was stupid because I just had to talk but I still did it. I went over there and started a conversation about the weather. I didn't realise my friend stood right behind me untill he suddenly pulled my pants down. I wore skinny jeans so my underwear went down too. Before I could pull them back on, my friend pulled my shirt off and held me down. The other guys laughed really hard and one of them even pulled my pants and underpants off from my ankles. There I was, held down naked with all of my clothes in the hands of some strangers. The guys said that I had a small p**** (which was true) and they wanted to see how long it took for me to come. So one of the guys started jerking me off which really turned me on. I came before I knew it, which made them laugh more. They teased me for a while and then went home, with my clothes. I had to walk home fully naked with my friend still laughing. It was horrible then, but it no longer bothers me ;)

Feb 7, 2018

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