Mom's always braless when friends are around

Hi, name is Jed.

My mom alone raised me; dad has never been around much. They had me while they were young and uh, I guess only she stood up to the challenge.
She started her restaurant business while I was young, and nowadays she has a bunch of them. She don't really have to work as well, money just keep coming in. So these last years she had lots of time for taking care of herself. And you know, it's not like a son realizes her mom is hot until someone else tells him or he notices something. I always knew she was somewhat fit, of course, but I didn't consider her ''HOT'' because, well, she's my mom.

She's 40 years old, blonde with short hair, puffy lips, thick legs, a nice bubbly ass and some grade A t***. Me and my friends are all young adults, btw.

Our house is somewhat big and has always been the spot for my friends to hang out. Mom's always has been somewhat motherly-like to them: Kind but a bit strict, until recently. I think it’s been some months but she started to not wear bras in the house, but only when they are around.

I’ve noticed how they look at her pokies, which she always seem to have. And when she jogs to one place or makes a harsh move, her t*** simply bounce left to right. And you know what? S***, I think it’s f****** hot my friends are looking like that to my mom, and that she wants to be seen like that.

Sometimes she also wears these low v neck t-shirts and when she bends the cleavage simply hangs there, leaving her b****** somewhat exposed. Good lord…
For whatever reason, I decided to ask her to moderate her clothing. Because it felt it was the right thing to do, no? And she shuts me down when I mention her clothing, and starts talking on how she should be free to wear whatever style of clothes she wants in her house, and if I am uncomfortable with it when people are around I should just stay at my room alone.

I’ve been masturbating a lot, thinking about my mom acting all slutty around my friends… Should I do something? I feel kinda of wimpy liking this, but idk… Or maybe its all my imagination? Just to clarify, I myself have 0 desire towards mom. Appreciate any input.


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  • Have some of your friends accidentally show her their c****. I'd bet she takes them on. And, I'd bet that she'd let you do her too, maybe just her mouth or even her ass, but have you f***** anybody else yet?

  • It depends how far you want it to go. On one level your mom is single and hot, and is probably having fun teasing and feeling good about guys l****** after her. She might not want to actually f*** them. Or more likely, not all of them.

    A little trick is to see if your mom pays attention to 1 particular friend. Despite p***, sexual attraction is typically one at a time. There may a special someone among your friends who is making your moms p**** wet.

  • I love to m********* to my mother Yolanda in leather

  • Hot older sister did this around all of my guy friends, even when visiting my old townhouse. Wasn't big on bras or undies to begin with, but, when my friends were around, made a point to be around me and us, bounce up and down, stretch..Just to c*** tease them with her amazing body.

  • Let her enjoy the attention. It's good for a woman to feel attractive

  • Encourage her. Tell her your friends think she is hot and want to see more.

  • She wants to f*** your friends

  • That your mom dude have some respect if not for her than for God.

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