A Bit Broken

My Story. I kept myself busy.

I had long-lived, consensual s** with two of my sisters. My younger sister and I lost our virginity together (12/14). We were role-playing within weeks. She was (and is) good. Real, real good. We are the youngest of seven kids. White and upper-middle class believe it or not. Take that you psychology/demography researchers.
We carried out our relationship on for years. Still do?
When I was a bit older, my middle sister invited me upstairs. (30/15) Yes. Big age difference. Seven kids in our family, remember? We were watching the '79 World Series and she said we should watch the end in Mom's room where there was a small black and white. (The 'We are Family' series, ironically) She was staying at the house to care for us kids while Mom was away for the weekend. I was on Dad's old twin bed next to her. (Dad passed four years before)
She said I could stay warm under the covers with her. It's a long story but I was sure she needed IT. Because of my younger sis, I knew what was coming and what to do. I seduced her with some (feigned) reluctance on her part. I came to the realization several years later that she could not initiate with me. I was a minor and she was an adult. Anyway, she was lost in heat when I mounted her. I f***** her hard and long. She was a big fantasy for me. An older woman. And my mature sister. Oedipus like maybe. She had real t*** compared to my little sister. She was louder, at the time, than my little, tighter sister. Go figure.

Both relationships were hot and heavy for years, neither Sis knowing of the other. They faded slowly as college came and went. I really p***** off my younger sister when I asked if we could make love again. I was married and she couldn't believe I would ask her such a thing. We spoke years after. She said she reacted like that, not out of respect for my, then, new wife but because she didn't want to share me. She indicated that if I had my wife, I couldn't have her. We screwed many times after I was divorced. (Laugh here). We were cheating on her husband by the way. (Laugh again). The older sister got older and frumpy and I lost interest. (Don't laugh)
Younger Sis and I have always been incest nuts and always will be. Went to distant bars and freaked some people out on occasion. On occasion she would allow me an interested female from said bars. I loved that.

I actually got close to IT with my remaining oldest sister. The same year my other older sister and I started. She slyly intimated to me her interest (32/15). But ...no go. I blew it. Three for three would have been nice. And she would have been my first married woman. Damn. I kick myself still.

I have a 26 y-o daughter now. I never have and never would act out the same carnal way with her. Sorry. Can't go that way. I'm wrecked enough for the both of us.

That's my story
Want more? Details and such? Let me know. Young Sis will get involved if the situation fits.
Many great stories though. Hundreds.


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  • I would have love to have a little sister or older sister by like only 2 years old difference, my sister is actually 23 and I'm 17 years old, but I've never fantasize about her because she is not really attractive to me, but as I said, I would have love to have a sister with only 2 years old difference with me so I would probably be attracted by her, that's why I watch a lot of bro-sis p*** vids... Rip me.

  • Nothing wrong with that. You’re right about 2 years being just right. Had s** with me sister 2 years younger for 18 months now...got a little too carried away and she is due to give birth to our son in a June but I don’t regret anything, aren’t going to stop, and hope she will have another one with me after he is born.

  • Im having s** with my two nieces. Their nine and eleven and bought have the tightest hairless p*****. They love my c*** in their tight p*****......

  • You're a lucky guy I wish I could be involved in some family incest to

  • I want details.

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