I'm a married man for almost 12 years. I have 5kids 2 boys and 3 girls. They all run around the same age. I'm 27 yr old. My wife had a terrible car accident a few months back that left her physically stable but mentally she's not okay. She just gave birth to my 6month old a few months back before the accident. She has mental breakdowns constantly scratching her inner self. Looses her mind. I'm a simple engineer so I'm never home I have to work to pay off a house we recently bought a year ago that she picked out in the suburbs. We can afford it but the problem is it's a 2 story 3bedroom 2 bath. My kids will soon grow up, but sad to say we are living paycheck to paycheck since my wife's accident the lawyers and courts and the buying a new family car since the last one got totaled I've spent all my savings on the down for our home and bills and diapers. A year ago my little sister who is 21 came out the closet I took her and her gf in when I was renting a home in a neighborhood I was out of town. A huge fight broke out idk what happened but my gf at the time kicked out my little sister and her partner. My family and brothers and dad and mom didn't agree with me putting a roof over my lil sis gf head. They had just graduated h.s so I wanted to help. They moved out etc. we came back into contact becuase I always got along well with all my siblings me being the oldest. I helped my sis gf land a job where I work in the chemical plants she worked for me and it was good. Little by little we had tons of things in common like music and same birthdays a few days apart same car taste good etc. she's not a feminine lady but she's very attractive nice bone structure muscular slim athletic body with colored eyes. When I worked with her we spent 12 hr days together so had time to chat away I'd tell her about my problems with my wife and she'd tell me about her and my little sister their plans goals etc. give advice. Time went by and I found myself constantly texting her away when I felt sad or had problems at home. Majority of the time she lifted me up motivated me and listened me out. We'd hang out a lot and drink it up talk about trucks it's as if she was my buddy like any other guy like a dude stuck in a girls body. My sis and her gf had been together 3 years now. after my wife's accident things have gone downhill until this day. I'm stuck with 5 kids a nagging wife who's little by little needing mental help I work constantly and I'm nut scared to have to come to the worst point. Even until know I find myself asking my little sister about her gf and how she's doing. I worry about her and think about her and the conversations we've had or the laughs... my wife's family has always depended on my help and it's gotten to the point where I'm tired and sick of it. People only call when they need my help... nobody knows but I think it's okay to say that I've accumulated feelings for my little sisters gf. Idk how to cope with it she's constantly on my mind! It's driving me insane because I know we CANT be. I'm married have 5 kids and she's just starting her life with my little sister. I'm slowly loosing my mind what do I do . Stay quiet and keep the sister in law relationship going hiding emotions or be up front let her know and if things get awkward just go with it or keep it between me and her...

Jul 5, 2017

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  • Long bullshit post. Check your basic math before you vomit up another textwall of fiction, loser!

  • If your wife has psychological and emotional problems like you stated, that didn't stop you from f****** her, as you have a baby about 6 months old.

    And just because your sisters girlfriend has befriended you and has struck up a good bond with you, doesn't mean she wants to f*** you and leave your sister for you. Hence, she maybe only into women and not bisexual. And even if she is bisexual, it doesn't mean she wants to secretly be with you, she may actually love your sister and is loyal to her alone. As for you, you need help. Seek therapy as soon as possible and encourage your wife to do the same.

  • You want her because she's a distraction. You're able to chat with her and keep things light and you have no obligations to her. It's a fantasy. You know you can't really have her because she's a lesbian and involved with your sister. You married your wife and she needs you. Trying to pursue your sister's gf would destroy many relationships. If you need someone to talk to, you may want to invest in a therapist. You need to make a list of all the things that need to happen in your life and your family (you, your kids and your wife) and those are the only priorities you should be concerned with. If your sister and her gf are still living with you, they can contribute to helping and paying for things around the house. Same with everyone else, if you can't afford to pay for your own family and your needs, you can't afford to help anyone else.

  • Thank you I never thought about a therapeutic experience until now. I will keep that in mind. Also my little sister and her gf are not living with me anymore their actually starting their life as a couple now and have their own condo in Houston. But we still keep contact both my sister and her gf. Your right maybe it's just a fantasy. Thank you !!!

  • Know its been a long while but how are things going now?

  • There is no happy ending with your new fantasy relationship. Get your wife and yourself some counseling. Best of Luck!

  • That's very long. I think I got lost.

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