My Aunt is a Virgin

Last Weekend I (M15) listened to my mom and her sister chatting in the livingroom. believe me, it was by accident first, but then it became very interesting. They already had 2 nearly empty bottles of wine on the table and their talk sounded a bit like that.

When I started listening, my mom told her sis about her last lover. Mom is divorced and lives alone (ok - with me of course) for about 3 years. It was hot, to listen to my mom talking about her sexual experiences. I never heard such words coming from her mouth.

she told her sis about an older man, living in our street who was a widower and he must be near his 70's. She told, he had the biggest c*** she'd ever seen and that he takes v***** to get it up. and, what was much hotter for me, she had s** with the grandson of this man. I know him very well, because he is in my class. as my mom told, he caught her and his grandpa f****** one day.

She did not want him to tell anyone (even not to me!) and so she got him into bed and sucked and f***** him since that happened. Must have been some times like she told. My aunt had become more and more restless while my mom reported her adventures.

Then suddenly my aunt told my mom that she never had s** with anyone. She's a bit older than my mom, I think must be 40 or 41. my mom looked like she did not believe her sister but she then confirmed it once more. She said she was still a virgin. She has never had a man in her and when my mom asked her, she confirmed that sie never had anything in her. even no d**** or anything else.

I could not believe it. My aunt is no real beauty bit she is not ugly too. Since I heard that, I fantasize about being her first lover.



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  • That’s sweet. Spend time with your Aunt. Tell her how much you appreciate her and how pretty she is.

    Don’t rush it. You need to get her comfortable and believing that you find her attractive and believe that she is attractive. Give her innocent kisses.

    Then find ways that you could happen upon her in the bathroom or where she could walk in on you.

    Then make your move.

    Trust me older women are supper h**** when it comes to younger men.

    Just be gentle. It’s her first time.

    Will it be your first time as well?

  • Try spending time with her and see what happens. Go round to her house and do jobs for her. Have dinner with her or take her out. Be flirtatious and give her plenty of compliments. Be affectionate and be smart about it. Unfortunately your age may make it difficult but try to let her see you are mature for age. Again, be smart. Just remember for her you are a risk because of your age. So she needs to know you are the sort of person that keep things private. Do some research on flirting and what ever you do, don't be perverted about it. It may take a while but it definitely possible to bed you Aunt.

  • OP: Nice words! Thank you for that!
    I think, you are right. She talked as if she for sure likes s** but she never met a man (or was too shy) to do something with him. I did what you said. I help her when I'm out of school and she always tells me how mature I am.

  • You are welcome, it's great she has commented on how mature you are and that should give you some encouragement. That's a good sign that you are on the right track because she is starting to see you as a man rather than as a boy, which probably means that she had thought about you sexually. CAUTION that doesn't mean you can jump on your Aunt yet! You still have prep work to do. Spend more time with her and give her compliments and flirt a little ( do reach on flirting ) hug and kiss when appropriate. Tell her that you really enjoy spending time time with her and that you feel really comfortable around her. Good luck!

  • Try to get closer with her. Go outdoor and get personal. Kiss on her cheek and let her kiss you in return. Gradually go up to kissing on her lips. When she responds, kiss on her neck holding her tight. Tell her you are attracted to her while you embrace her with kisses - shift your hand to her b****. She will definitely be excited to hold your c*** in her hand. Choose a night outdoor to undress her to explore her body and she to yours. Kiss and massage her b**** while groping in her p****. It is always a great enjoyment to f*** a nature p****. Don't miss it, as she is a virgin. Once you break the barrier she will be f*** hungry for long days to come!! My be someday you will be able to f*** your mom too.

  • This should be a working strategy for any older but sexy virgin!!

  • It did work with my 55 yo aunt. I am in my 30s and we now f*** almost at regular basis. A mature p**** with a well endowed sagging b**** are great fun to f*** with. She is insatiable f*** doll and I f*** her often thrice a day in all positions.

  • Yes older women are the best. I’m 20.

    I’ve had my share of cherries. But nothing is better than an older woman

    If the p**** isn’t old enough to have birthed me. Then the p**** isn’t worth f******

  • Excellent!!

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