I got caught

My wife's older sister stayed over at our place the other night after getting totally smashed and in the morning i got up and was headed to the kitchen, As i passed the spare room i noticed the door not closed all the way and peeked in, I could see my wife's sister sitting on the bed but could hear her snoring.
I leaned in as close as i could and could see that she was passed out, sitting up against the headboard, I know the door squeaks if you open it slow so i quickly swung it a quarter of the way open and when i stopped it the door squeaked a bit so i stepped away then waited and she kept snoring so i leaned back and looked in. My wife's sister is 39 and has had a few kids, She was passed out still sitting up and still had her phone in her hand and...She was buck naked HAHA. She is a really pretty girl, Brunette, Blonde highlights, Small saggy boobs with smaller, dark nipples, Nice legs and apparently keeps her vag shaved.
I was just standing there looking at her and then went back to the bedroom and grabbed my phone, I zoomed in and took a couple pictures of her she had her left leg straight and her right leg pulled up with her knee flopped open so i could see her vag perfectly and i was surprised, I thought after having kids it would be beat to shit but it actually looks real nice, No big ugly meat curtains or anything and i would absolutely fuck the shit out of her. Her boobs aren't great, smaller, saggy, Wrinkly and her nipples are droopy and point straight down, She has a bit of a tummy but mostly just from the way she was slouched down i would say.
Anyway i had taken a dozen pictures or so and walked away leaving the door open and my wife came out to the kitchen, Stood there staring at me and i said "Um...What?", She said I assume you saw the whole thing, I just chuckled and said "Uh...Yup", I had left my phone on the table while i made toast and she grabbed my phone, Unlocked it and opened my pictures, I turned around and she had it in her hand, I stopped and stared at her, She looked at me and tilted her head to the side then whispered "You're a fucking pig" and tossed me the phone saying "Delete them...NOW", I deleted them and she just stared at me shaking her head with her arms crossed.
After her sister left she gave me the third degree about whether or not i jerked off to the pictures before she got up or not and told me how gross i was, Whatever, She will get over it sooner or later LOL.

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