I want my son in law

Hi I'm Kathy I'm 51 years old size 12 , blue eyes blonde hair, I can't stop thinking about my son in law he has been in the family 8 years now and from the moment I met him I wanted his c*** , I don't know where to start any ideas please??



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  • Just do it Kathy, I have always want end to have s** with my son on law Ron but waited to long and now they have moved to far away.

  • Ron's mother in law I would be willing to f*** you

  • ^^ if your son in law has moved away you need some c-o-c-k where do you live? ^^

  • This is an obvious troll. Read the comments. She said she s*** on his d*** when he f***** her in the ass and then offered to eat it with the s*** all over it.

  • My mother in law (64 now) and I (37 now) were always fond of each other, always that sexual tension.

    If you see each other often enough that tension will be stronger and one day, when circumstanses are there, it will happen. In our case it was 8 years ago, the s** was intens and inexhaustible due the years of desire.

    We’re very carefull because we both know it’s over if someone finds out.

    The s** still is very hot with her.

  • Kathy I know you still read this post,
    I hope you and you son in law are still having s**, it would be nice to hear from you again (original guy)

  • Life is short and then we die.go for it,but don't tell your daughter.

  • This cannot turn out well

  • Actually, it all depends on how old you look. If you are 51 and look your age or older, than you're probably out of luck, but if you are 51 and look 41, than you probably have a shot. Do you have nice smooth skin with a tan? How nice are your t***? Do they still have some bounce to them or do they look like sand filled socks? Is your p**** nice and tucked up with a clean shave or does it look like and old chia pet?
    My wife is 15 years older than me and we're together because she looks half her age. She has a nice ass, t***, and p****. I would have never have gone out with her if she would have looked her age. She's now 60 and people think she's only mid 30s. They always think she's younger than me.

  • I consider myself attractive I'm tanned skin size 34dd and clean shaven lol

  • There is nothing wrong with what you say. You dont have to feel guilty. Just let it go...

  • You got no problem Kathy, I would have s** with you no problem, and it is good you have big t*** gives him plenty to look at,
    If you feel you need the to practice your seduction, you and I can hook up I will be happy to help.
    I'm the one who has been messaging you from the start xxx

  • Hello I might be able to help with your dilemma

  • How come?

  • Ive had s** with my mother in law a lot, it's the reason I got with my wife I knew I had to have her mum.
    I guarantee he wants you!
    Do you ever see him looking at you checking you out?

  • Yes he dose look at me a lot , I just want him to do me

  • How well do you get on with him? I.e. do you kiss when meeting, does he hug you, or even the accidental grope?

  • No wee don't make much contact at all!! Very frustrating

  • You need to get you and him alone with no one in the house, ask for help with some jobs, once he is there make him feel very welcome and give him plenty to look at, short skirt plunging neck line so he can see plenty of you t***, then fans a pain in you back and ask if he could massage it for you, "he will say yes" when he does take of your top so he as access and tell him the pain is in the bra line and just to undo it once he does and starts massaging you let out light groans of pleasure the as they say will just happen.
    Do you think you will be alright in doing it!

  • Sounds like a plan, thanks x

  • How's it going so far Kathy? Keep me informed please

  • Well it's finally done 😳😳😳 over the moon 😍

  • You managed to have s** with πŸ‘
    Tell me what happened x

  • He pop by this morning to get me electricity as I'm snowed in so he came past for my electric key and pop away to the shop so when he came back I was having a pretend shower I heard him coming back in the house but I didn't let him know that, so I just walked out nude into the kitchen were he was and his reply was wow 😳 your beautiful so I acted like I was shocked and tried to cover my b**** and he just laughed and said nice p**** at this point my heart was beating like a drum I turned around to walk out and he grabbed my ass , wee both started kissing and wee ended up on the floor and omg did he bang me he plowed me for a full on hour and he was hung like a race horse, 9" and thick I enjoyed it very much but my p**** is throbbing cxxx until the next time 😘

  • I'm proud of you Kathy, hope you two will continue f******,
    Are you alright to talk more about it right now? 😘

  • I'm just jumping with joy although my p**** is destroyed lol x

  • I can tell you are very happy, if your p**** is battered get him to lick it better or offer him your ass πŸ˜‰

  • I couldn't take him in my ass no way lol

  • You would be surprised, my MIL thought the same' but now she squirt while I f*** her ass 😍

  • Keep me informed Kathy are you planning to see him again today? 😘

  • Well that didn't work out so good. I let him f*** me in the ass last night and I s*** all over his d*** and the bed. He told me I was a disgusting b**** and told me he was done f****** me. I told him I would clean off his d*** by sucking the s*** off but he just left.

  • Kathy sorry that happened, I will come and have s** with you instead! There is no reason why you should not be having c*** and lots lots of s** xxx 😘

  • Maybe I need to be more adventurous now that I have this side of me. Will you really come f*** me? How big is your d***? And do you have a friend that could come help you f*** me? I really want to be f***** like in the p**** films where one guy is in my p**** and the other is in my ass. Do you think you and a friend of yours can do that for me?

  • Kathy,
    I am an Aussie soldier, 6 feet 5, muscular, well hung, we train like f*** so we're super fit. I have two army friends, similar, I can take your c-u-n-t, another can take your a-r-s-e and one can go for your throat. It's better if you're drunk when you're being f-u-c-k-e-d too honey. You'll be more h-o-r-n-y. You can smoke throughout the f-u-c-k-i-n-g period as well. I love a babe smoking whilst she's being f-u-c-k-e-d hard, fast and deep.

  • Preferably big black c**** xxx

  • Come on Kathy now is not the time to be shy!

  • Sorry to many people have been commenting as me sorry guy , I have to leave

  • I'm sorry you feel this way kathy, I feel we could have had a fantastic time together.
    I have enjoyed talking with you😍 and I hope you change your mind😘
    Be happy Kathy 😘😘

  • Well it's big and I can make you squirt kathy, have you ever squirted before? 😘

  • Kathy I will f*** you and just like a p*** star, see how we go first! You live in UK yes!

  • And Kathy my c*** is 8 half inches plus I have a long tongue xx😘

  • I’d be willing to put it in your ass. I’m not as big as your SiL so you’d probably be able to handle me just fine. And I wouldn’t object if you pooped on me. It would probably be worth it. Cost of doing business back there.

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