i f****** hate my mom
i dont f****** care about her
she treats me like s***
she has forbade me to pursue a healthy relationship with anyone
shes driven all of my friends away from me
she has ruined every relationship i have been in
she mentally abuses me into thinking what she wants me to think
and im done with it

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  • My son has those feelings from time to time. ( or multiple times a week) And I am glad he has me to talk about it. My stepdaughter had to go through it alone, as she never really opened up to me. It makes me sad that she can't see the damage she does. And it isn't that she is not right or that she does not have a vaild point, it is just that she has to crush the other person in order to get her point across. Now my step daughter is 24 and getting married and she really doesn't want my wife to be a big part of the wedding. My wife cries to me that " I am not a bad person" but she so quickly forgets all the times she just ravaged people with her mean comments. I just sit back and laugh. She is such a b**** and she certainly exercises her right to her opinion, but the time will come and she will be left to her own tears. For all the times she has humiliated me and my son and her daughter... payback is a m*********** isn't it.

  • mate, its hard, but dont you have at least one good thing about her...well try to focus on that
    but if there's nothing like a good thing
    then f** it
    tell her you can make your own decisions and that you are old enough now
    sometimes show her a little charm then she might let you off
    if worst comes to worst then run away to another family member or call the friking police

  • Untl she gets you what you want for Christmas... or you need something, etc... You are being shallow your Mother is doing her job, protecting you from bad influences. You will not understand until you become a Mother.

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