My woman outie belly button fetish...

Any type of woman with an outie belly button I automatically find sexually attractive of course I have standards but it be the worse quality of women with it nowadays. Nothing turns me on more than a woman stretching exposing her belly button while sitting or dancing. If thats happens I get that sudden urge to give a belly rub then after a few seconds or about a minute later while my finger rubs against the outie multiple times. I want to give that woman the most passionate kiss ever tongue and all. While we are making out I'm feeling that warm skin off her lower back and her belly button. My lips goes to her neck down to her belly button some how and I start tongue kissing her navel while my fingers usually are on some nipples. It's really been a while since I had some outie belly button love from a woman and I'm looking to do it some more now. 24 years old from Brooklyn, New York tall dark athelic build. Any woman with an outie belly button. You can comment at least thanksss

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  • My whole family has outie belly buttons. I use to think it was a curse because we all had a big ball of meat sticking out of our bellies. My uncle use to tease my sister and I about having big belly buttons as he would tickle the h*** out my portly belly and big belly button.

  • Sheesh sounds awesome. I wonder what part of town are u from?

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