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Hey I'm d and I'm 21 a day have a friend that is 14 I see her most often every day due to she is a livery at my work. so her it is my brother a day cuz saying to me i need to keep my distance from her as I am getting to close to her as I have resintltry talk to her on cams and play psych (a game on you phone you download to play like cards against humanity), with her and some of the liveries at the yard and a few of my friends on to but the say I'm getting to close to her and they saying she is may start to like me and others might think I like her cause we so close u need help what to do. do I just stop talking to her or deft away or keep talking to her as I don't want it to go awkward as I am quite pally with her mum. and dad and don't want people saying stuff as they all say she is my favourite in the yard I need help what to do thank d


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  • Don't let your heart rule your mind.....

  • Go to school and learn to write


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  • Age is not just a number here, you're 21, she's 14. Your choice is it can be platonic friends with her but that's it. Chances are if her parents find out, you will spend some time in prison. Walk away if you are not able to control yourself. She's a minor...

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