Looking up my 60years old mum's skirt

Was it wrong for my 60years old mum to let me look her skirt all the time when No One but her could see me looking. She wore knee lenght skirts silky petticoat 's stockings and suspenders silky full cut knickers I would always get a h----- then have a pocket w--- .Do you think would have noticed me doing as she never said Mum anything do you think she would privet wet at the same time and that's why she did not say anything.????

Mar 31, 2018

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  • Shut the f*** up a******

  • Hmmm I love what my mum wears too, as someone on here said, my mum also wears knee high boots but also short deniim tattered shorts and a blouse tied in a knot at the naval. she looks hot wearing that while smoking. She had me at a young age, she was 13. i am 17 now and she just gone 30. She's so f******* and she turns me on when she rests her hand on my knee when we're watching TV.

  • Weird and I'm nearly 60 myself. Just too weird

  • Well yes, it is wrong add perverted and stupid to the mix and you might get the idea not to do something that idiotic again.

  • No I don't think. I think you're dreaming

  • It truly happened obviously you have not tried it with your Mum?

  • Would have thought you would loved what your mum wore under her skirt undergarments stockings and suspenders silky full cut knickers. Which would have been more exciting than knee high boots. I know I was more interested what my Mum was showing me under her skirt. Don't you think that would be a lot more interesting. You should try and see if your mum will let you look up her skirt. It was all body language between my Mum and I ,but there was not any physical touching or anything it got me h*** and excited she use to look at the b**** and watch me have a p***** w*** think she also got excited as she never asked what I was doing or tell me if was wrong. Think she just liked to flirting and teasing with me. What a lucky guy to have a mum that I could relax and feel comfortable with. I don't think she thought anything wrong just flirting and teasing with me. Don't you think.

  • My mum usually wears silk underwear. She wears 10 or 15 denier tights. She is 53 and does not look it. She would not let me look up her skirt though. I admit I fantasise about my mum sometimes.

  • Have you ever tried go for it might surprise you what could. Do you mastrubate to the fantasy about your Mother

  • Why don't you try and look up your mum's skirt she may say something at first but don't be put of persevere she probably won't let you look up her skirt at first she not going to let you straight away before she is sure you really want to In Case she gets embarrassed if you're not interested go for it will make your fantasy more real...My mum was slightly older 56 the first time I tried to look up her skirt without her seeing me as I thought she said what are you looking for you won't i to her nothing her reply was you won't get it up there !!!!!!! Just after that she was down on her hands and knees cleaning the kitchen floor ,she must have known that I was standing behind her pardon the pun I could see her silky slip stockings and suspenders silky smooth knickers up her skirt the more she streached the more I saw my Mum just turned round and smiled so obviously she must have enjoyed the teasing and flirting to..I went and made a lot of tea asked mum if she wanted a cup a so we went through to the living room sitting opposite one another. She was sitting with her legs at the ankles showing the V of her knickers and stocking tops teasing showing the V then opening and closing her legs I think she enjoyed doing this when no one else was in the house this lasted for years because there was no physical touching involved .Have more details of some of our other experiences. All done with body language no physical touching whatsoever.

  • I love what my mum wears. Wonderful knee high boots. Sometimes leathe skirts.

  • Ok if you're happy with that. Are you still fantasizing about your mum.

  • Yes

  • Yes.

  • Yes what are you implying?

  • Do something about it

  • Do some thing about it ask her to flirt and tease with you up her skirt

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