My love (part.2)

Hey,it's soha again.i have said about dylan.i love him so there anybody who can tell me why love hurts?why always love get anything we have have to lose anything,but why?i have also a crush named labib,i can say i didn't think about labib when Dylan and i were together.but when dylan left me i think that i cannot also love it is free to comment here so comment me,why love hurts?

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  • It isn't love that hurts: love is wonderful, love is thrilling, love is really the best thing in our lives, and it's why we are all here. The thing that hurts about love is when it is extracted, or when it goes wrong, or when it's used against us, and the reason that's true is that, in order to love, we have to open ourselves and leave ourselves open to it . . . and be vulnerable. Because it's so close to our hearts, we can't protect against the damage that happens when love is lost or twisted into a knot. It would be fantastic if we could experience the love without exposing ourselves to the risk, but unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Still, having the love is so utterly perfect that it makes the possibility of being hurt worthwhile. It certainly does not seem that way to you today; I understand that. But with the passage of some time, and the accrual of some healing, you will find the strength -- of spirit and of heart -- needed to give and recieve love again. I will simply say that it does get better.

    I hope that happens soon for you.

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