My girlfriend’s younger sister

I confess i want to f*** my girlfriend’s younger sister by 5 years deep and have her sit on her bed naked waiting for me to slide in her tight fat butt. Her name is mayci and ive came in her underwear a few times and in her bed. I know i shouldnt want this but i crave her tight c***. What should i do?

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  • I'm Gay...I'd like to have s** with my Brother.

  • Well dont cheat on your girlfriend but i mean if you wanna f*** then f***

  • My girlfriends sister keeps flashing me...

  • Well, you've now got all the invitation you need. Stop wasting time! Go get that! Do it NOW!!!!!

  • Shes only 11...

  • Well, If she is LEGAL, then, see if she likes you, then go from there, but if she's not, please don't!

    If you'd like to talk more about it.

    I'm pretty much always available!

  • Pursue her make sure you definitely f*** her

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