I'm dirty

To all my friends and family I am a good girl. I work hard and am more of a book worm. But in reality I think about dirty hard s** all the time. I'll do ANYTHING to please a big c***. It gets me so wet to make a big muscular man happy. Watching him get harder as I play with my p**** for him. Letting him f*** what ever hole he wants. Taking me like a dirty lil w****. I'd even let him bring his buddies over to take turns f****** me. Or all of them fighting to find a hole to shove there hard c**** in at the same time.

Apr 2, 2018


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  • OMG u are awesome

  • Of course it's a fantasy, that you have took a little further than from your imagination, to scared to act on it because no one truly knows who is who on here.

    Yet when the opportunity truly presents its self you will act upon it!
    And be honest you was a little excited someone answered in this way on your post?!

  • Yeah I noticed that too. Seems like everyone wants to be anonymous in post, they won't even come up with a nick, like h**** and wanting in Austin, Texas, they could all give a basic location or desire for a name.

    It would really be nice if these people had an inkling of spelling and some sentence structure too.

  • It's just a fantasy. I'd never do it dork.

  • Give me your contact details you need to pleasure me

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