Confusion on hotwife

Ok, here is the back story. My fantasy is to watch my wife f*** another guy. She knows my fantasy but has never done it. Has never wanted to do it and has made that very clear to me. She will not f*** another guy because she loves only me.

I love to talk dirty to her during s**, her not so much. She doesn't mind if I talk dirty, but I have figured out when she is more into it verses not. I ask her if she wants me to talk dirty to her and if she's not really in the mood, she will say "if you want to", but if she is in the mood she will say "yes". From there I ask her what she wants me to talk about. If I talk "dirty", it's just me and her and what I would do to her, but if I talk "kinky", she knows I talk about another guy f****** her and will make up a scenario with her and some buff guy.

So majority of the time she will say "if you want to", and then "I don't care" or "dirty". Last night I could tell she was h**** and wanted to have s**. I asked her if she wanted me to talk dirty to her and she said "yes" with no hesitation. I then asked what she wanted me to talk about, and she said "kinky", again with no hesitation. So I asked her "you know what that is, right?" And she said "yes" again. So I started talking to her about some buff guy f****** her p**** and how it was his d*** slamming in her p****. Within a single minute after I started talking to her about it she had one of the most intense powerful o****** i've ever seen her have.

So now I'm wondering if she really does want to f*** another guy or if it was just the dirty talk combined with her being h**** that made her c** so hard. Thoughts?

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  • Nothing wrong with dirty talk and discussing kinks while in the act. Chances are that she shares the same kink as you, if she got off that hard, but I'd ask her what her kinks are too and roleplay them with her.

  • My wife and I used to talk dirty and she loved it when I would say some strange guy is in bed with her and giving her all his C*** and shooting his baby seen in her. Once I told her, If you get h**** like this, you would have s** with anyone who wanted you. She said yes I would take anyone when I am this h****. On night I found a young man who was interested and I had him standing by and when I got her really hot and ready I motioned to him and he took over and my wife went crazy moaning and groaning and pulling him tight.

  • I love talking about two c**** with my wife. It gets her so excited and wet but she has to of had a couple drinks first. What stories do you guys fantasize about? We talk about her not wearing bras or panties and guys seeing her and getting hard and needing to stroke off. I also just started letting her suck a finger from both hands pretending there’s two guys she is sucking. She really sucked the h*** out of them. She also sent me dirty texts about wanting to hook up with a coach on our sons baseball team (really me) and I told her I would give him her number. Then told her he really wants to come over at night and have suck her c***. Then when we were in the bed I asked her if she could handle two c**** and she moaned yes. I found that if I get too graphic at first she backs away. So I go slow until she gets warmed up some. Some of the best s** we ever had!!!

  • Sounds good

  • You should have yourself castrated. You are a biological dead end. It would be best for all concerned and best for the future of the species. I'm sure your wife (if she exists) won't mind.

  • Wow that's pretty judgmental. Even from an evolutionary standpoint there are good reasons to share your wife.

  • I’m not sure if she has yet f***** another man. Maybe she actually knows or works with someone who fits that profile.
    Maybe she now has a face to put that on now and it’s turned her on thinking about it actually happening.
    I say this because I loved taking dirty to my wife. I actually got to a point I was begging her to f*** a guy at work.
    Soon the s** slowed down. Then for about six months we may have had s** at least once or twice.I later found out from one of her friends she was always in the hallways with another guy and even times she spotted her leaving with him in his car. All those things I talked about she was actually doing. She just hid it and didn’t talk about it to me.

  • I think your wife wants to f*** another man or she already has f***** someone else. Sounds to me like she's struggling with you knowing or being involved, one or other. My guess is probably both. I assume you have told her you want to watch. She's probably not ready for that. She probably already has f***** someone else and doesn't know how to tell you without being sure you won't get mad. Keep bringing it up to her and see if she does the same again. If she does, then I would ask her who she's f*****, but be careful and make sure you don't sound agitated or come off aggressive accusing her. Otherwise she'll shutdown and never tell you. Make it more lighthearted and curious. Almost like you're asking her how she enjoyed her Birthday party. Let her know that you find it sexy and arousing that she may have been pleasured by another man, but make sure you ask her this away from the bedroom. You don't want her confusing your interests in her pleasure with you being h****. Then you have to be prepared that she may have f***** some other man in your bed. If she confesses, you have to be ready and accept the fact that you wanted this. Good luck.

  • Yes she wants another man’s c*** inside her.Go for it you lucky thing. I’d love to see my wife being f*****. I cannot f*** her because of my soft d***. She would love it, and maybe o***** as soon as the c*** went in, and would want to suck his c*** and drink his c**. She has never sucked me.

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