Mum does it best

I'm 41 and my son is 21 I've been in to incest for many years now and have had my eye on my boy,I sent him a filthy message to see his reaction if he reacted bad to it all i would of said i sent it by mistake,I got the reaction i wanted and sent more to which he asked if i could send a pic so i did me wearing a sexy white lace bodysuit,that got him going,that night when he came home i told him what i wanted was for him to tie me to his weight bench on my stomach so i couldn't move and he f***** me hard so i don't fight back,as im tied down he starts lubing up his c*** then sticks his sock in my mouth and gets ready behind me could fill his c*** ready to enter my butt,then rammed it straight in which made me winch and he just kept f****** away talking dirty in my ear that he's raping my ass as im a dirty b**** the sweat was dripping off him, when i did spit his sock out i was telling him to f*** me harder,next thing i knew he was pumping his c** in me,I found it hard to walk but don't regret it.

Apr 30, 2020

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  • I'd wanted to f*** my mum when I was 21 and mum was 42.
    One day she asked me
    " Why do you keep looking at me like that ? You keep looking at me up and down instead of talking to my face .
    I had to come clean.
    I admitted I had been stealing her underwear for a long time to smell and that I had wanted to see her f**** from the day I found stray hairs in her dirty knickers.
    I admitted to my mum that I wanked imagining her naked and possibly f****** her her hairy p****.
    Mum after thought. Said
    " So you want to see my f**** do you ?
    Your mums f**** ?.
    She took her trousers and knickers off and stood there.
    I stared at her hairy f****.
    " There son, look at that and have a w*** while I watch.
    Mum then threw her knickers at me before stripping naked and standing in front of me.
    Mum then lay on the bed on her back legs apart. I could see her t*** and between her legs at last.
    "Take your clothes off too " mum.said,
    " It's only fair". So.I did.

    Mum looked at my h****** and said
    " Do you still want to f*** me son ?
    I nodded not believing what I was hearing.
    Mum beckoned me forward and fulfilled my dream by letting me f*** her and feel her t***.
    We then f***** regularly until mum was about sixty five before we stopped.
    I'll not forget her hairy f**** or her wonderful aroma.

  • What is wrong with you

  • What is wrong with me ????
    What's wrong with YOU more like !!;
    Nothing wrong with a mother and son being close.
    My dad had died, mum was still young and attractive. She wasn't getting any s** and I found her attractive.
    I loved seeing her naked , her t*** and that mass of hair between her legs and her personal odour.
    When I got to finally f*** my mum 's hairy box it got me so hard knowing that I was f****** the very f**** that I came from.when mum was 32 years old.
    I'd f*** my mum with her dirty knickers over my nose so that I could sniff her f****.
    I'd often pull out at the last minute and s**** all over mum's triangle of curly brunette pubes that I remember were darker than the hair on her head.

    Mum loved it and talked so dirty while we were f****** telling me to
    " Go on son f*** mum's hairy c*** go on son harder " and stuff I don't remember ' cos I was too busy f****** her to concentrate on what was saying.
    Those were the days.
    Mum.proved how much she loved me by letting me see her naked and confirmed it beyond doubt by letting me f*** her.

  • Great. Never feel guilty when it's consensual.

  • Family s** is hot!!

  • I loved f****** my mum.
    It was a majority turn on just seeing her naked knowing that I shouldn't !
    I loved to bury my face in that deep carpet of pubes, sometimes ducking on her pubes before f****** her.
    I wish I could go back to those days.
    I've still got a few pairs of her stained knickers with a few curly pubes in

  • I love incest!!

  • Wot ze f**

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