My wife

When your wife says to you " I love you but I'm not in love with you " what does that really mean what his she trying to tell you , part of me thinks there could be someone else , She said we should have a break but we don't seem to have a problem that I know of . What does that phrase mean also I would like your thoughts thank you .

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  • Pretty sure she’s with someone else

  • Do you think so , What would you do

  • She is having an affair. She tells you she loves you, but not in love with you because she hasn't figured out yet if this guy wants her for the long term. She is keeping her options open to stay with you in case it doesn't quite work out like she wants. If she hasn't already, she will be buying new clothes, shoes, color her hair, or maybe change hairstyles. You only have two options. You can run her ass off, or if you are mentally strong, and truly love her you can wait, and see if it plays out, at the risk of your emotional well-being.

  • Do you think they have had s**

  • I'll give you the benefit of doubt here. For the sake of argument we'll imagine you're serious. So from a rational perspective, I don't speak for everyone however I should when I state that there is honestly no way of knowing for certain what such a silly, conflicting statement could mean.

    It being so foolish is why I had to have doubts whether this posting itself was legitimate. Personally, I would have no regard for the statement she gave to you. One could ask 500 people what it means and receive 500 different answers.

    It's like asking what this foolish statement means : "Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday".

  • It his true I don't know what she ment by it , or why she said it , now she says forget it with no explanation why she said it , But she acts suspicious , Thank you for your posting .

  • Wow. This is my wife all the way.

    I'm sure she does not have another man or woman for that matter.

    My wife is passionate about good works. Doing s*** in the community. Everyone thinks she's so wonderful and they keep telling her. so she gets ask this aren't you wonderful Pat on the back stuff from others.

    But she's not passionate about me.

    I am just working out how to deal with this. It's not that she hates me she "loves" me but does not l*** me. S** for her is a duty not a passion.

  • It simply means she needs you. But you're not someone she wants.

  • She's f****** other men. Yes.......plural.

  • She doesn't love you in the romantic relationship sort of way. You're marriage is basically over if she says that.

  • Do you think she his cheating

  • She’s in love with somebody else.

  • She's undergoing a makeover. She's making herself into a w****.

  • She's just gone cold. Crap it's lonely.

  • She's cheating dude. I know how it is I've been through it years ago. My wife was a serial cheater. I put up with it for about 10 years. I even dealt with it some by cheating myself, but it was unfulfilling because I loved her. I stayed, and it finally worked out for the best because she dedicated her life to God, and is now reformed. I can't suggest you try doing the same thing, because most situations don't turn out as well as ours did.

  • Do you really think so

  • ^Precisely^.

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