I'm kind of frustrated with this generation. Its like people don't know nothing about life than s**, dating, complaints about their ex-bf or ex-gf, attention seeking and alcohol/drugs.

Why is it difficult to find my type of people?
Lately, I've been feeling super weird about these situations.

What is wrong with people? There's so much more to life than what they're living in.

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  • So what's your "type" of people? Tell us.

  • Those, who're living in the present. Those, who are available for friendship. Those, who respect women and their boundaries. Those, who are encompassed with good company. Those, who you feel safe and comfortable with. Those, who're supportive. Those, who point you out for your wrong doings.

    That's because I would do the same.

  • This generation is empty and in a constant state of searching. Wonder who they learned -- or rather didn't learn -- from?

  • all depends by what individual's mentality is influenced with....(90% is with s** and f***)

  • Yes! In fact, the word self-control and its meaning are very important when it comes to this matter.

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