Guilty to death

i'm currently overseas as a teacher, and my girlfriend and i were having a rough patch after 4 months of being apart.
and in a moment of weakness i made out with a girl, which then became a sleepover thing. no s** and nothing beyond kissing it was more for the need to have somebody to cuddle up to.

i know i have to tell her but i can't bring myself to.
She made confessions to me about the smallest of things and hearing her say that just made me wanna stab myself in the heart.

i'd like to think i could marry this girl and i know if it ever came to that i would confess this misdeed of mine to her.
but the fact that i go against my principle of being honest has made me really hate myself.

i'm about to go into another ldr period with her, and part of the reason i didn't tell her (yes apart from my own cowardice) is becuase i want to be able to make it up to her while we're together .......

i 've only told one person about this thus far.....
and now i tell the world.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • But she been f****** that other guy n she aint telling u

  • so the desire to be honest here is ... seriously misplaced is it?
    i guess really i'm just giving her a chance to decide if she still wants to be with me despite what i did.....

  • Telling her in this case would be selfish, you just want to unburden your heart, it won't work and you will burden hers as well. If you aren't going to do it again. Protect her from that mistake always and take it to the grave!

  • I say take it to the grave:)

  • well we're both pretty strict on what we call cheating...
    and fact is if it wasn't for the distance it wouldn't have happened....

    i want to be truthful but i got told once that being truthful just to make myself feel better is just selfishness.......

    sigh..... but we've always been completely honest with each other which what gets me... i've pretty much never lied to her about anything

  • u only made out and ur panicking?!
    f***...s**** been worse...and that was completely uncaring...dont say anything. why say it? she doesnt want to hear it. you dont want to tell her. and some things are just better left unsaid. u didnt do anything that serious.

  • Having been on the other side of a very similar situation, I would advise not to tell her. It will only make her feel bad. If you genuinely love her and think that this was a one-time slip-up, then move on, be with her and only her, and prove to everyone involved that you mean it.

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