Crush on male teacher

Im a female senior student and I have a giant crush on my tech teacher. He is around 45-50 years old and a bit chubby. Ive always had a kink for older chubby men but especialy a kink for teachers.

Im getting an A in his class so far and I can tell Im his favorite student. One day I want him to keep me after class and bend over and f*** me on his desk. Sadly he is married with kids lol. When the weather warms up Im going to wear a skirt and thong and pretend to trip and fall in front of him. Ill bend over and expose my ass to him and pretend like nothing happened. I wonder if he will get turned on by that haha.

Apr 26, 2018

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  • I wonder how you let him know that you won't come back and have him put in jail.

  • Why wait for some day like that...wear something which reveals your mangoes

  • Good girl, show him young p**** and fuckhim hard. How old are you princess?

  • She said a senior student so I'm guessing around 18

  • When I was in highschool i gave one of my teachers head, I used to baby sit his son because they liver 4 doors down from us and on night he was out and his wife was away at a conference, He got home around 10:00 and we were standing at the door talking after he had already paid me and was about to say goodbye when i caught him take a peek down my cleavage. I just went for it and slid my hand in his shorts, Within a minute I was on my knees with a mouth full of his c*** and probably two minutes later I had a mouth full of his come.
    Crazy, Wild and one time only but what a secret we share, Now when I go to my parents I always look for him on the street and smile and wave.

  • How old was you?

  • Wait till you can legally bang him all night

  • I guess he will. Guys do. Girls have all the control

  • You welcome to join me at my house in llanbradach I be your teacher anytime

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