I have a kink that older women (18+) actively and consistently trade nudes with me (16 m) even though they know what could happen if they get caught.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • Unless you're trying to catch a predator I don't suggest you do that. As there are "catfishing pictures" they can show you many different pictures in different places and fake who they are. As well can you. . so unless you're trying to rid the world of abuse then be careful . it doesn't end well for anyone.

  • I just want to do something different because I can get nudes from basically any girl my age if I tried, so why not make it a challenge and try to get some from people who are older, and if you read below I already caught someone trying to do exactly what you said

  • Careful too with that at your age cause well, it's going to be considered a pedo pic. And if they get mad at you, for example...a swing of emotions, you both could get charged and register as s** offenders.... Not good dude

  • That would always be unfortunate but considering the consequences and any other problems that could arise out of this, I’m extremely picky and want insane trust with who I’m dealing with, girls my age I can snap a pic get one back easy but adults, understandably are smarter and harder to get etc. I know the risks but it’s so hot that I’m thinking about taking them

  • Do you use an app or website to trade pics?

  • I use apps generally any, so if you want to advertise yourself feel free

  • They going to jail

  • None have yet soo...

  • Honey, you are a lucky boy. Enjoy the ride.

    I’m 48 and always looking for a nice young man to teach a thing or two.

    I absolutely love making boys turn into men!

  • If you’re a woman I could use some help becoming a real man ;) if you post your email I’ll message you and see what happens from there.

  • How old are you sweetie?

  • 16 ma’am

  • drop me a msg

  • You sent a picture you got offline dude

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