Why I Don’t Babysit Anymore

One day my moms friends wanted me to watch her 3 boys so her and her husband could go out. The boys were aged 11, 15 and 17. The only one child that needed to be truly watched was the 11 year old but the parents didn't trust the older boys to watch him because she said they were mean to their little brother. I was soon to see exactly what the parents meant. The older boys soon started in on messing with their brother. They were pulling his hair, punching him, etc. I told them to stop or else I would make them all go to their room. The oldest boy told me to shut my fat a$$ up. I was so shocked by his choice of words. I told him that I would not tolerate that type of talk. He then said he will talk however he wanted to. He kept on torturing his brother. I tapped the boy on his shoulder and he then stood up. He walked up on me and asked me why I tapped his shoulder. I told him because he wasn't listening. He told me that he didn't have to listen to me. I said yes you do since your parents are paying me to watch you. He then grabbed me by my shirt and backed me onto the couch where I fell back, this left my belly exposed. He then laughed and said that my belly was fat as h***. I tried to get up but he pushed me back down and asked me where I thought I was going. Realizing how strong he was I got a little nervous. He started poking my belly. I moved his hands and then he told me to stop. He then had his 15 yr old brother sit on my arms so I couldn't move. My full belly was exposed and he started talking about how big my belly button was and that it was nasty looking. He started poking at it and was trying to push it into my belly. Since it didn't stay it he told me he was going to pull my belly button out of my belly so he can deflate my belly. He just kept yanking and pulling my belly button and I begged and cried for him to stop! Then he started to tickle it and I was squirming and yelling for him to stop. I was in pure agony while he kept pulling and ticking my outie! He then moved to my belly And tickled it nonstop for about 10 minutes and then started back tickling my outie. He told me that I need to stay in my place when I'm at his home and I told him that I won't because I'm in charge. Next thing I knew he grabbed my entire belly button and squeezed it for so long it became numb. I screamed and cried and begged him to stop. He told me to shut up and then he would release it. I stopped making noise and he let me go. He then commanded his brother to let my hands go. I was in so much pain and exhaustion I couldn't move. He told me I had 5 seconds to get up or else he would have his dog by my belly button. I used what energy I had to get up. Needless to say I never watched those kids again.


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  • Why the f*** didn't you call the police. That kid deserve to be in jail .. crazy f***

  • Should have prentended everything was alright and made them cookies filled with ex lax or some laxatives

  • Just f*** the boy

  • I refuse to baby sit because i did that a lot as a teen and i was used. i figure if they can fcuck and produce a kid they can the ffff look after it like responsible adults and not palm it off to someone else who should be going out having fun as a single loveable woman. the other reason is I swear most of the kids I did babysit they have all lied about me saying I bashed them or molested them or attacked them and bullied them which would explain why I am so demonised in society and abused for no reason. its just hunch but you know what? life is gonna hit those lies right between the eye b**** by a crazy gun man one day in their life for harming innocent older people. cuz I believe bad karma does hit people who do bad to honest sad little lonely people who do good.

  • Hey, adriana grande will bomb them up at her concerts!

  • I think maybe we are reading a little belly tickle dreaming fiction by our favourite belly tickling fetish poster. Just sayin'.

  • Nailed it.

  • You might be able to file charges against those punks. What you described is assault and you are lucky you weren't sexually molested or raped.

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