I hate my step son

I f****** hate my step son and my husband's ex wife. He only gets to see him every other weekend for one day at my husband's mom's house who I hate to because she is a holy rolling c*** who plays victim all the time. I hate my step son who is 4 years old. He just now learned to stop ?using diapers. I hate the faces he makes! I hate him in general and wish my husband would have never had kids before. I hate his stupid face. I hate that he's a little fat ass. I hate that he wines and gets his way about everything I hate the way he says daddy. One time he got in my pour babies face and coughed and was saying da da over and over in his face told the little s*** to stop and he stomps off I wanted to smack the little ugly fat brat


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  • You should not feel like you are required to like this little piece of garbage! Or to be nice to him in any way. Children can sometimes be worthless pieces of s*** just like some adults.

  • Why is this tagged under "sexual"? You pedophile.

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