My mom wants me to be Popular or Slutty?

I am 12 years old and my mom recently has been buying me lacy bras and tiny bikini panties,, started right after my 11th birthday, she said I would be needing better things since I was starting middle school. I don't mind wearing these things, at times I think its fun, but I am 12 and I don't want the guys to find out I have these type of bras and panties.

May 6, 2018

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  • Be glad that your mom is buying you the lacey bra's and the panties!I am 12 going on 13 soon and in puberty that is causing me to wet the bed at night and sometimes have daytime accidents! I have to wear cloth diapers and plastic panties to bed every night and a pull up with the plastic panties to school! It is now fun,so be thankful!

  • I'm 13 my mom buys me things and bikini I have 2 thing string bakini. I live to wear them. I get good looks from everyone and I like it. When I swimming guys always grabbing my ass. I can't wait till my b**** get bigger

  • Are they satin panties?

  • So don't tell or show them. She maybe just happy her little girl is starting the path to womanhood and wants to be a mom and do what she can to help.

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  • You are on the cusps of becoming a young woman dear. That is a very special time in the life of a growing girl. It is a time of uncertainty, uncomfortable feelings and outright fear. All these feelings are a result of your experiencing vastly new situations and emotions. I want you to know first and most importantly you are not the only young lady feeling these feelings. And you are not the first. Women have been going through what you are going to go through since the beginning of humanity so it's all normal!

    The most important thing I want to tell you is that your journey is natural. It happens to everybody. Do not let anybody make you feel what you are going through is anything more than the natural growth pattern that all females go through. It's not dirty nor should it be locked in some deep dark place inside you and never thought about or spoken of. It's just you becoming what you want to be.

  • I reeeealy wish you were my mom. Couse my mom is to freaking strict and wont even buy me a training bra. Huggs xxxxx and im 11

  • Why don't you want guy's to find out ?
    Your mom is awesome by the way ;)

  • This Is VERY Wrong, Tell Her How You Feel About It! You shouldn't do what makes you uncomfortable! if you don't want to tell her, talk to a teacher that you trust! You really shouldn't have to go through something like this! Please Stay Safe!

  • How you doing and I've sent copil off messages here to this young girl. I'm a mom with three daughters and i actualy see this as abuse. She's only a baby and why would anybody want too do that with their child I've even asked were her daddy is. I know my husband would be disgusted too even think our young daughters wore stuff like that. She should only be wareing regular panties and training bra at her age. There's all ready enough pressure on young girls these days about their body's and fashon. Without her on mommy doing it. It broke my heart reading this baby's post....

  • Jesus Christ! Could you BE more repressed?????

  • My mom decided when I was in 7th grade that I was too shy and dowdy. To this day I remember that conversation. That word. For the next couple of years it was her mission to make me cool. So this is like 1988 and it still haunts me. I always had to be out there. Very short sport skirts. People could see my undies and she wanted that. Cute tight form fitting tops too . Whatever it had to be noticeable. Made me feel so exposed and alone. I fought with her and cried so much. Even today I feel she is judging me by my clothes whenever we visit.

  • Are you there hun and Im the mom who's messaging this baby girl. I'm so sorry you went through that. It's not your fault sweetie and your amazing. I'd love too give you a hug rite now sweetie. Stay safe angel...

  • Your Concern Is very nice, it's great to see support like this! I Agree with your comment, and to be honest, the fact that she is going through this really hurts me, i've never been through something like this (im only 16) but i see alot of girls in my school dress very inappropriate and it kinda worries me, i want to thank you for your consideration! It might not be very good to have this from a complete stranger, but thank you! it's very good that you care!

  • Hi sweetie and you seem very sense able and mature. I'm the mommy off three daughters. It breaks my heart too look at young girls dressed in some very revealing clothes sweetie. I'm probabley as they say old fashoned. But my daughters have nice clothes and want for nothing. I work two jobs hun. I'm a Christian sweetheart and can be a little strict with my girls when needed. My middle daughter a few weeks ago came home with drink on her and was given a lot off attitude. She cursed me out a little and other stuff she had also ditched school twice in last month and had being not doing half her home work. She had being grounded and lost her allowance among other punishments. She just would not listen. So I'd send her straight too bed with a good smack over her shorts. The next morning sweetie. I gave my daughter one off the longest and hardest spankings I'd ever given her. It broke my heart sweetie. But I'd rather do that than watching one off my baby's destroy their life's. Your a little doll and hugs xxxx

  • Thankyou. I'm just a middle aged wife with baggage I guess. But hanging in ok. Thankyou for your concern

  • Talk to ur mother and tell her how you feel about all this

  • It's sick and as said Im a mother so and for a mom too get her preteen little girl these stuff is sick. She's only a baby and media and society puts our kids under enough pressure. Then this child's mom sexualise s her little girl. I wish i knew this mother and would like too know where this baby's dad is...

  • Please.... explain just HOW this is sick? How in the h*** is a young girl being bought fancier underwear sick? Is it sick because YOU think anything that draws attention to a young girl's blossoming womanhood is ugly? That says MORE about you than it does about the situation or the girl's mother's intent!

  • How are you princess....

  • You are not the only one. It is a form of abuse.

  • Sorry and meant too say how can a mother put pressure on her baby girl too grow up so fast..

  • This s*** breaks my heart and Im a mom and was abused and have asked this little baby too tell her mom and dad or adult she can trust. What's wrong with this world. I've got it in my head that when my kids are old enough Im going too end it. How can a parent or adult hurt a little child..

  • My mom was the same. I'm a boy but mom wanted me to be attractive and neat. She used to make me wear very short and tight shorts. It was in the 1970's so boys shorts were pretty short but my mom was very intense about it.

    Maybe that's why I am mixed up and hang around places like this.

    She used to get the Kmart etc catalogues and then take me to the shops and buy the combinations shown. She would make me try on shorts and muscle shirts a couple of sizes too small.

  • Hi sweetheart. If you are not comfortable wareing them you need too tell your mommy. Personally I'd never even allow my daughters too ware that stuff and never mind buying it for them. Weres your daddy sweetheart and even talk too your daddy if you can't talk with you mom. Also please ignore all the negative comments made here. But I'm begging you as a mommy sweetie. Talk too your mommy or daddy or another trusted adult. Never ever let anybody force you too do anything you don't want too sweetie that makes you uncomfortable and does not feel rite. Hugs baby girl mom off two..

  • A child her age should never be wareing clothes like that. I've got three daughters and eldest is thirteen and was looking for thongs last year. Had bit off struggle for a while and she came close too getting her bum smacked. It's being a few months since she rescived a spanking. Ive told her there's know way on earth was she allowed too ware that at her age and maybe when she's sixteen. Why would a mother push something like that on their daughters and sexualise them..

  • Your too young for those clothes hun and what does your daddy say..

  • Why would guys find out that you are wearing this type of underwear.Do you plan on taking your clothes off in front of them?

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