I think might be bisexal

I injoy wearing woman’s panties and pads and bras I really love eating my own c.. I like the warmth and the thickness

Jan 28, 2021

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  • Tasted great

  • I have been wearing bra's garters panties sometimes when I want to be a girl I will slip into my wife's dress i will taste my precum like a good girl should

  • You're not bisexual are you attracted to men

  • I have been wearing woman’s thongs ,nylons,skirts.just love my feminine side.i also have taste my own c**,got tired licking my fingers, and i had bi sexual fantasy.witch i act on.i had a friend i did know was bi.one day he noticed i had thongs on,he ask me to show him,i was a little reluctant to.so to convince me he told me he was bi.so i strip down to my thongs,he said c** sit next to him on the couch,he started rub my crouch i was so wet.he ask me if i like to go to the bed room and play,my answer was yes.we made love that night.i suck my first c*** that night and got laid.having him between my legs like i was a girl was so hot.we still get together for some hot s**.he treats me like a woman,tells me how sexy i am.so just go for it.

  • So if you are so what.
    You are what are and many will say bad or nasty things.
    It is not my cup of tea eating c--.
    But I'm wearing my bra and pantie with grey and black patterned leggings with my 3 bracelbraceletsets and 6 rings, so who is your say what is normal.
    Yes in married and my wife helps me buy everthing I like.
    If you feel calmer your probably a crossdresser and there is Nothing wrong with you. You are person that is a 2 Spirit individual. That mean your bith a boy and a girl inside that has to get our sometimes, do let her our and embrace her because she is with you for your entire life and will never give away.
    So if your in your woman they really do like this type of a man one that has a female inside of them. Just man up when you need to do she feels safe when needed.
    You can have a wonderful life like this and it can be more fun than you ever thought. If you tell the girl and she is not good with it move on there are others out there that like having a mate that is there lover best freind and there girl friend also.
    My wife dose not care if another woman at the store know that I wear bras and panties and do my face then put on oil of Olay on soften my facials skin.
    YOUR OK do not let some one tell you diferent, in some Indian tribes you would be a Chief or the medicine man or other special person. Enjoy yourself and your life!!!

  • If you are bent ( sounds like you are ) do the normal people in this world a favour and kill yourself.

  • How did your c** taste like

  • Tastes good kind of smooth

  • ????

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