Old boys

Our next door neighbour his a old boy who can't do enough for me and my wife especially my wife , I never took any notice of him helping my wife I just thought what a nice guy , Then one day I was in my garden and overheard a conversation with my neighbour talking to his old mate , My wife's name came up more than once he was telling his mate how he would spy on her in the garden and sometimes through the windows , He was saying when he was with her how he would look down her top at her t*** or up her skirt at her knickers , Then he was saying that he had used our bathroom more than once and had stolen my wife's knickers , His mate asked to see them so he went into his house and got them I peeped through the hedge carefully not to be seen , I recognised them they was my wife's knickers his mate examined them before handing them back , I was in shock I thought he was a harmless thoughtfull kind old boy then he said to his mate one day he's going to F - - - my wife , His mate said you have got no chance she would not be interterested in you , Then he said one day she was in the garden and I was in my house looking at her , I was feeling h**** looking at her walking about the garden I had just got out of the shower so I was naked she could not see me , Then I walked up to the window kind of hoping she would see me and then she did at first I moved back into the room , She was still standing there looking , I moved forward so she could see me we was looking into each others eyes so I started to W - - - my self she just stared at me , She would look around to see if anyone else could see I was close to coming she looked about again then I came on the glass , She has never said anything to me what I had done she just acts normal , One day I'm going to do it in front of her when she his making me a cup of tea in the kitchen see what happens , I have never mentioned this to my wife , But I do notice how he stares at my wife trying to look up her skirt or down her top, Also I put a pair of my wife's knickers on top the wash basket after he used the bathroorm they had gone , I have mixed feelings what to think or do about this situation . What should I do ,or say

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  • Tell him to stop coming round your house. Or keep your wife away and occupied so that he doesn’t have the chance to talk to her

  • Tell your wife to offer herself to the neighbour.

  • Tell your wife not to wear a bra or panties any more.Make sure when she bends over that her b**** fall out of her top.Tell her to wear shorter skirts.

  • I'm not sure how I really feel about this situation a part of me wants it to stop but another part wants it to continue ,It does stir something in me but not wearing a bra or panties I don't think he needs any encouragement , Where would that lead

  • How is the situation with your wife and neighbour now?

  • Have a discussion with your wife and ask her what she thinks about all this.Does she enjoy the attention and make her so h**** she wants to have a hot session with you afterwards.
    Or she might be interested in a threesome with you.

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