Is sucking two guys off a fantasy for a lot of women?

My gf and I want to try some of each others fantasies. Mine just like any other guys is having another girl join us and she agreed but my gf wants to just blow me and another guy at the same time. She says she doesn't want to get eiffel towered. Just give us oral. Says oral is not as intimate as having the other guy f*** her.

May 8, 2018

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  • My buddy shares pictures of his gf with a group of us at work and sometimes he says it jokingly that they will have a adult night and that she will dress up slutty and give all the guys that show up a bj

  • My gf and I tried something like this, but she wanted to suck at the same time, so kept touching our d**** together in her mouth, then f***** her ass and p**** at the same time, so our b**** kept touching. That was a bit weird.

  • How was it afterwards? Was it a one time thing or did you guys do it again?

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