I want her so badly

So I have went through my mils laundry and found her used panties but. Its not enough for me I sniffed them and basically ate the crotch out of them. I want to f*** my mother in law so badly its always ony mind and my wife gives m
e nothing g



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  • You there happynude??

  • Have the decency to just end it with your wife and learn to be less creepy .

  • Don't continue to do this in secret. It's going to break your spirit and your heart. Take her to dinner -- alone, without your wife -- and tell her how you feel. Tell her you love her worn panties. Tell her you love her smells and tastes. Tell her you love her. My guess? She either already knows you love her and knows about your appetites and behavior, or she strongly suspects. Either way, I think she will respond to you in the way you most powerfully want: and the two of you will be together. Whether or not you leave your wife, you will belong to her mother. And the two of you will be happy.

  • Go and ask for the panties she is wearing right now.

  • I have sniffed and licked so many of my MIL's panties, I enjoy wearing them and feeling the push juice latched rub against my p****

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