Tormented by daughter's friend

I confess to being out of control. My 14 yo daughter's friend swims in our pool with a very showing bikini that arouses. She is built, cute, and innocent. I am not so sure about innocent because she has given me a cute grin when I was obviously and uncontrollably erect at times. A couple of times she even pushed against me as to say hey I know what's going on; or maybe it was a coincidence? I often see most and sometimes all of her firm and pointy t***. And it's not to hard to see her toe if watch, but I try not to stare and get caught. She would be better covered in under clothes. I would never allow my daughter to wear such a suit. I try to be as cool as possible, especially because my daughter is right there. Luckily the wife is rarely around. So what do I do? I know she is too young but she is too hot, revealing, built, cute, etc. to totally block out. I confess to her visiting when wife and daughter are gone to the point I think of planning a vacation for them. Or maybe I should take a new job, sell the house, and move us (the family).



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  • Many people here bring up good points. I am a father of two girls so I UNDERSTAND REAL LIFE. First, let this girl do what she wants to you ( Be careful that no one sees you. ) If she is just exploring her sexually with you - Then she trusts you very much and feels safe with you. Of course it is normal to want to look at her - And she sees you looking and that makes her feel good. You want her to know that what she is doing is alright with you. But stay away from talking sexually to her. Young girls do talk to each other and that could cause you problems. Never talk to anyone about this girl - ( Especially your wife! ) All women were young girls and this is how they learn about s**. You can help this girl by letting her explore her sexually with you. If you can get rid of your wife and daughter for a time, that would be good. If it is normal for her to come to your house when they are not home. This also gives you the chance to prove to yourself That given the chance you would not take her. Do not move your family - That would hurt this little girl. She feels safe with you! You must stay with her and help guide her, If you suggest different clothes that she should where, she is more likely to listen to you. If she has a crush on you - Then she will be much more willing to do as you advise her to. You have the chance to set her on a better path in life. She is not your daughter, and you should not care about her life, but you have a chance to teach her about life. What you chose to teach her is your choice, she is a girl and if you are not there another man will take advantage of her. I feel bad for you because people here ether scold you or encourage you to have s** with her, what she is doing is normal and you can help her. You can relieve your s** frustrations on your wife.

  • It’s very possible that she is flirting. She probably assumes that you are an adult and there is zero possibility of anything ever happening. She’s learning about her sexuality. You are the adult who presumably knows better. Or, it’s all in your head and other places. Either way, you are the adult. She’s not driving you crazy, That’s just an excuse. She is a child. You are subtley trying to justify your desire.

    Grow up before you s**** up your life and even more importantly… Hurt a young girl.

  • Take her cherrie..

  • F*** her tight juicy young c***.

  • Ass too

  • Shes a child. You mother f*****.......

  • I have three daughters and eldest is twelve in september. I can share some wonderfull stories...

  • What do they look like and what one is the prettiest.

  • Their all amazing...

  • Grow the f*** up...and no 14 year old girls generally don't go about flirting (some may be but not many) you're misinterpreting things...these kids are children still...they have a Childs brains you dim wit. Just because their body has started developing it doesn't automatically make them adult in mind and body. You do realise really young children even at 3 or 4 can go through precocious puberty? Would you find that attractive? Just because they have mature attributes doesn't make them old enough for you to have perverse thoughts about them. I hope you get beaten to an inch of your life you stupid idiotic t***

  • 3 or 4 yes I would I like toddlers

  • Yes they do flirt I know from personal experience.

  • Hes a moron..

  • I would find 3 or 4 year old girls attractive

  • F*** you..

  • I do as well actually

  • Disgusting criminal

  • I know exactly what you mean when you said "tormented": I have felt that and I can feel your torment, as well. There was a girlfriend of my daughter around those same ages (this was back in the late 90s) who toyed with me for over 2 years and knew how to dangle it in front of me without my wife or daughter knowing what was up. She knew what she was doing, and how I was reacting, and there were many times where I was ready to surrender to the temptation, but I never did it, and I'm glad I didn't. I would have probably went to jail.

  • I'd love to talk to you about this . My email is
    Put daughters friend in the subject line .
    Iv had an extremely similar experience if you want to talk

  • I bet she would f*** your brains out jimmy

  • Message me at

  • Her parents are to blame for this. I've seen many little girls revealing way too much and their parents think its a ho-hum situation.

    However, the onus is on the adult to ignore the over revealed underaged girl. Look the other way. You sure don't want to be caught looking at a child in a sexual way.

  • Im sorry and im the mom who spanked her daughter. But there are so many perverts out there. I got a shock for sure when seeing what my baby girl was doing. As said im not a bad mother and shes my life..

  • You're the most disgusting person in the world

  • I think she wants you. Tell her How you feel and f*** her 14 year old body

  • ...she's good to go...……..

  • She's a child...

  • A child that wants s**

  • Agreed and would you give her it.

  • Yes, totally, repeatedly, yes.

  • I took my step daughters cherrie. Shes going to be twelve soon....

  • Nice, can I watch then do her after you?

  • ...she's a w****...……..

  • She is a totally hot piece

  • You do know teenage girls can't stop talking. You will go down in flames you cross the line.

  • How would you like if your daughter was getting eyed up by her friends father?
    What the heck is wrong with you dude.

  • If the girl is acting like a s** object, I will look at what shes showing! And I will jo at home thinking about her! Is thst so wrong?

  • I cought my daughter flashing older men at pool. She's not even thirteen years old. I was early picking her and a friend off hers up from pool. My daughters face dropped when i shouted her name. I immediately went up and planted two smacks to one off her exposed bum cheeks and her face was beat red with embarrasment. Let me tell you when I'd dropped her friend home and my daughter and I'd got back home. I gave my daughter one off the longest and hardest spankings I've ever given her. This only happend Sunday. She's grounded for two weeks and bedtime at seven for next two weeks also. I'm also given her a spanking before bed for next two weeks. Thank goodness I'd cought her or who knows what could of happend. There are plenty off men out there who would take advantage off young girls and please don't be one off them. Speak to your wife and get her to talk too this child's parents. Remember she's only a child and maybe has a crush on you. Your the adult and its up to you too discourage her behavior towards you...

  • You are right someone needs to talk to and her mom.

  • She will be more sexual now because of you. I know this because moron girls are sooooooooooo ho*ny!

  • You should not have spanked her like that. There's plenty of other ways other than that to punish a child.

  • Im open to suggestions and i have allways used spanking as well as other punishments. I have being spanking her every evening since. Im not a bad mother and im a single mother. I realy dont want her going down a bad and dangerous road. Please lets know what you would have done. Have you children and are you male or female. By the way my daughter is my life and mosy presciois thing in my life...

  • Spanking only makes the parent feel better: it doesn't change the child's behavior, and in fact, usually makes it worse. So, in this case, the more this child got spanked, the more she's going to w****. No two ways round.

  • I would love your daughter to flash me

  • Yes there is no harm in looking at a young pretty teenager as long as that’s all you do she will be s** mad in two years at 16

  • My daughters only twelve in half I've said..

  • It sounds like she's playing you.

  • Yes, totally. She's humping him in public, and smiling because it arouses him. She knows her business, and she conducts it amazingly well. He should get with that.

  • Your mistake can ruin ur family life....there is no future of this relationship....

  • Forget the suits and swim nude.The suits enhance the body.

  • I agree, that hairless p**** in full view and always available

  • What's she look like..

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