I got beat up by a girl

So when I was about 13 years old and in 8th grade there was this really cute girl in my grade. We never really spoke, but once I’m a while we would. One time during lunch we got into an arguement about a project. She thought hers was better than mine and we continued to argue. After a while she started to say “wanna fight” and things like that. Now keep in mind I was 5” 2 and she was 4” 10. We settled to fight after school at her house, just us. After school I walked over to her house and we went to her room. We were the only ones home at the time. When we got to her room it was fairly empty except for a bed and a desk. She had later put yoga mats (her mom did yoga) on the floor in about a 10 by 10 foot space (her room was very big). She counted down and we began. Now this was not a fight as much as it was anything goes. I mean obviouls we weren’t allowed to use objects or anything like that. I started by letting her hit first. She pushed me and I backed up a bit. Then out of no where she slammed me down and pinned me to the floor. Now is when it gets embarrassing. She held me firmly on the ground wih ONE HAND while putting her hair in a pony tail. She the. Proceeed to hold me down with ONE HAND! I couldn’t move she was 10000000x stronger than me. The fight was win by forfieght, so I tried to get up my hardest, but couldn’t. She flipped me onto my stomach and held me like that. Then she did the unthinkable... as she held me there with one hand I realized we were close to the bed. She reached out and grabbed a box from under the bed. I immediately said she was cheating but she said hang on. Out of the box she pulled a bra and a dress. She proceeded to put them on me. Keep in mind she was holding me down the whole time. She then called some people and noted the WHOLE SCHOOL over for what she called “a surprise”. Now everyone knew we were fighting, but they thought we were done by then. When they got there they all saw me help down in a dress and laughed at me. I was pinned and couldn’t move. Then she said “I’m using one hand and half strength” and held me there one handed. Eventually she wrecked me so bad I gave up. Then she started talking trash and I left.

-two weeks later-

At this point I was still being laughed at a little, but not too bad. Now me being 13 thought if I lifted weights for 2 weeks, I could rematch her and win. I challenged her to a rematch. She accepted. Same place same time. When I showed up it was the same setup. We began and I tackled her down. I was winning... for about 2 seconds. She got on top of me and held me down, forcing me to quit. I didn’t. She had me pinned so hard my arms were turning red. After that I quit. I then just went back to school and got laughed at the rest of the year. The end.

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  • In primary school in Australia we used to have fights to resolve things. Mostly boys but sometimes girls would want to fight one of the boys. This was max age of 12.

    We had all these rules about what was and what wasn't allowed. So no kicking, scratching, biting or pulling hair. Basically you could wrestle or punch. Every one would know about it and we would meet right down the back of the playing fields. The teachers seemed to leave us alone. For boys at least you could have a fight one day and be mates the next.

    Now the next bit is the stuff that you can dream about.

    We wore uniforms. Oooh that's got some readers all excited. The boys wore short shorts. This was 1975 after all. The girls wore a dress.

    Often one person ended up on their back and the other person sitting on their tummy holding their elbows down. If they could hold them down for some period of time then they were declared the winner. Sometimes the girls were on top and of course you could see their undies. As kids we never thought anything sexual about it and most of the girls wore sports briefs under their dresses anyway.

  • I got bullied and beaten up too by other girls and even guys and that was hard as a teen, what need to remember is some bullies do this even into adult life. I was also beaten up as a adult by a woman and a man. always believe in goodness in yourself. you are not to blame for a bullies actions. people who use violence all the time usually end up hurting themselves most. its hard sometimes to not copy them but try not to be like them.

  • First off all you never hit a girl. U could off told her parents and let them deal with her...

  • If u hit a girl in self defense it's fine

  • You shouldn't have to take a beating because they're s girl. F*** that.

  • This is all fake and bullshit

  • It had promise but the OP couldn't resist going completely overboard

  • Agreed, unless physics works differently in his world.

  • Yeah

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