I've stolen something from every

I've stolen something from every company I've worked for. This includes firewire drives, laptops, various peripherals, etc. And I feel like I was completely justified every time.

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  • comment #9, what kind of dollar store do you work at that sells dvds and pajamas?

  • I used to be bothered by "borrowing" stuff, but having worked for half a dozen companies I've found that every chance they get to s**** their employees out of pay or benefits, or load them with work they weren't hired to do, they will do it. Plus, they hire accountants to find them all sorts of tax breaks and make up depreciations, donations, etc. to keep from paying their fair share of taxes, and it's the average worker who ends up making up the difference while the damn CEOs rake in the billions which they send to Switzerland. So f*** 'em. Have a stapler or fax machine, it's good for business.

  • I am a theif too. I used to work at a dollar store a few years back. My best friend was the manager. One night when we were about to close the store, she was in the office counting the money, and I was alone in the store. I started filling my coat with make up, DVDS, just waterever I could. I even stole some pajamas. Anyway, when we closed the store I got in my car, went down the street and unloaded all the stolen crap onto my passenger front seat. . Well, then I went grocery shopping and went home. When I pulled up at my apartment, my best friend (MY BOSS!) yanked open my car door. She screamed "Your sister has been in a wreck, we have got to get to the hospital now!" I could have s*** my pants bc all the stolen stuff was all over the seat and she was trying to get in my car. I asked if we could take her car so that my boyfriend could unload all my groceries. She had to have known, because she knew that I hadn't bought anything that night. I am still so ashamed.

  • Hook me up wit a labtop

  • You will answer to god about that.

  • it does not matter if it's wal-mart or the little country store on the corner. stealing is stealing. did you work to be at the top. NO, they did. you are an a******!!!!

  • Nothing wrong with that. They make enough, unless it's a small family business type store. They don't make much as taxes tend to rob most of their hard earned money in this fked up country.

  • Yes, I sell most of it on ebay or in my local paper.

  • What do you do with it then? Sell it on eBay?

  • Just wait until your caught.

  • You'll get done one day ;)

  • LOL. I wish I worked for Google, then I could steal heaps of cool stuff.

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